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Eights weeks 3 days no AF ,negative tests

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Dawnoctober Thu 27-Mar-14 17:17:22

Hello all I'm awaiting a blood test Monday for blood test to check for Thyroid, two months since last AF, preg tests negative , cramping , I go to the gym three times per week as always not excessive ,however my waistline has grown and keeps on .No other symptoms of pre-menopause as iam 42.
Any thoughts?

clementinesandbananas Thu 27-Mar-14 17:54:10

Do you feel bloated all the time? Have your bowel habits changed any?

An expanding waistline needs checking out, preferably with a scan. It could be something gastro-related or something like a cyst. Absolute worst case scenario, and I'm loathe to even mention it for fear of panicking you, it could be a tumor. This is highly highly unlikely, but it's worth getting it checked out. Can you go back to your GP and ask about this? There's a simple blood test they can run (CA125) which isn't 100% but might be useful too.

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