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If at first you don't conceive...shag, shag and shag again. BFP due in April.

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DrewsWife Wed 26-Mar-14 14:05:56

Well here we are. Again!

Month 5 ttc #2 with a nearly 18yo DD

Rose768 Wed 26-Mar-14 14:11:09

Marking my place
Month 4 ttc #1
Will update BFP/AF due date when this AF is officially on her way.

NewlymrsB Wed 26-Mar-14 15:44:50

Love the title!

FlabbyMcTat Wed 26-Mar-14 15:51:16

I conceived last night so I will also get an early april bfp. I can't wait!

RPopz Wed 26-Mar-14 17:00:03

Here you are!

victoria401 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:51:46

Reserving a place here too coz I know where this spotting is going sad

indigo55 Wed 26-Mar-14 21:03:50

Marking my place! Lets hope April is our month ladies
Cycle month 4 #1 - CD5 xx

DrewsWife Wed 26-Mar-14 23:43:23

Am at work shhhhhhh. But computers are in meltdown. Complete so I can't do anything. Eeeeek.

What are you doing to beat the odds.

I am going to dtd every other day for a fortnight. Poor hubby will be worn out. Hahaha. We are using conceive plus tablets and hubby bought some spray for my hoo ha to make t more ph neutral.

We are willing to try blooming anything.

I have cut my back shifts down to 4 a week from 5 or 6. I work until 2am. I also do a Sunday school

NewlymrsB Thu 27-Mar-14 09:11:57

I am going to try everything this cycle! Hubby has a high sex drive so will be in his element! Lol

RPopz Thu 27-Mar-14 15:49:00

No Af yet but can feel her coming.... next month I'm getting opks and preseed! Determined!!

NewlymrsB Thu 27-Mar-14 15:51:17

Rpopz I'm with u on that!!

DrewsWife Thu 27-Mar-14 16:53:23

We use clear blue digital monitor and I'm still not being lucky. I have another few days before I'm fertile again and I swear I am going to get upduffed if it kills him!! grin

NewlymrsB Thu 27-Mar-14 17:54:51

Haha love it Drew! Enjoy ;) ;)

RPopz Thu 27-Mar-14 18:32:03

That's the thing I'm worried about I think, I'm using a period tracker phone app at the mo, so I'm not necessarily ovulating when it says, so the opks would help to take the mystery out of it.... but if that still doesn't work I will start worrying something is seriously wrong!! Plus I guess you still need regular dtding just to be sure...

Hope you all have a lovely evening! x

indigo55 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:04:25

Feel determined this cycle too.
First time with BBT, drinking grapefruit juice to produce more cm and on top got some conceive plus lubricants AND even got opks- I have a very irregular cycle so I think Il need tons of that.

Anything new, different people are trying this cycle?

indigo55 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:06:08

I hope AF stays away Rpopz and you have some good news soon! fx

Love the determination Drew!

victoria401 Fri 28-Mar-14 10:39:19

Need to buck up my ideas this month! What can I do!

RPopz Fri 28-Mar-14 11:25:19

I'm bidding on cbfms and preseed on ebay.... :-O

DrewsWife Fri 28-Mar-14 11:52:30

Hahahaha. Hope you win them.

Well I'm having the work week from hell. Was in work until 330 last night. Have to drop stuff in church. I'm exhausted and run down and Gubbed.

Pickles79 Sat 29-Mar-14 00:30:01

Can I join?
Month 5 TTC # 3
Have DS who's 12 & DD who's 10
BFP due 9th April

DrewsWife Sat 29-Mar-14 02:23:39

Hi Pickles smile

Pickles79 Sat 29-Mar-14 10:28:58

Hello smile

Does anyone know what sore boobs means in relation to ovulation? Predicted ovulation was Thursday but yesterday I was in agony all day with painful boobs. Does that usually happen after ovulation or does it indicate I actually ovulated a day later than I thought?

DrewsWife Sat 29-Mar-14 17:25:23

No idea?? Sorry pickles.

Hubby is working this weekend. Argghhhh. My fertile week!!!

victoria401 Sat 29-Mar-14 19:13:10

Right, deffo in here now. Cycle 17 sad ttc#1 cd1 bfp April 26th or thereabouts....

RPopz Sat 29-Mar-14 19:35:39

17 Vic? Didn't realise that :-( Have you got any referrals or anything yet for testing? Tell me to bugger off if you want! Xxx

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