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Advice on when to dtd!! Today or tomorrow??

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Needtochillax Tue 25-Mar-14 18:34:41

Hello, ttc #2 and after numerous unsuccessful attempts I decided to buy some cheapie opks.

Apparently I ovulate later than I thought at cd15 (perhaps this is why we haven't conceived yet...fingers crossed). I got a bfp opk this afternoon and it was so nice to get a positive for a change!!

I wanted to abstain from dtd until i got a bfp but threw caution to the wind yesterday as I panicked I was missing our window and started to doubt that the opks worked at all as they were cheap ones off the web.

I am now unsure as to when we next dtd??? Do we tonight as I got a bfn and I'm also getting a lovely amount of clear stretchy cm? Or as we did it last night shall we give it a miss and dtd tomorrow so I know it will be a healthy amount of sperm (Sorry).

Advice appreciated! It's just so nice to feel that perhaps we've been doing it wrong all this time and there is still hope grin

Nottalotta Tue 25-Mar-14 18:59:15

Can you manage both?

Nottalotta Tue 25-Mar-14 19:00:22

Sorry posted too soon. I'm no expert but wpuld go with tonight. The sperms can hang about for a couple of days where as once the egg is gone, its gone.

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