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I've come off the pill but no period yet??

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Passthebiscuitspls Tue 25-Mar-14 11:35:28

I finished a pill packet on Thursday night after taking three packets back to back, I usually do this so no biggie for me. Normally, I would have a period 2-3 days after coming off it but it's been 5 days and nothing! I've been on it on and off since is was 17 and I've stopped twice before to get pregnant. Each time I've had a period a couple of days after and then the cycles go to 34 day cycles immediately. So what's going on this time? Am I just panicking over nothing? I've tried to time this cycle with a holiday so I ovulate on it but it's not going to work out now I don't think!

I did have a couple of spots of blood when I wiped a few weeks ago which I've never had before, even more confusing!

What's going on? Is it normal to take people a while to get a period? Like I say, usually it happens straight away so I'm baffled!

Thanks in advance!

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