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Pregnancy symptoms of AF? Need some comfort and positive vibes please HELP!

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Nadz27 Sun 23-Mar-14 07:29:09

Hello everyone! So I've been stalking These pregnancy sites/forums for AGES and have finally signed up so yay me ��

Well I've been TTC #2 since August 2013 but I would say "actively" ( using ovulation sticks and all ) since December! It took us 3 cycles with #1 so wasn't really expecting the second time around to take this long ��

Here is my info and hoping someone can reach out, shed some light and hit me with the positivity stick! Please...

CD1 25 Feb
Got a dark line on the Boots Ov Sticks on 11 and 13 March
We BD on: 3,4,5,6,8,10,11,13 and 18! That's ALOT I know but I'm afraid we did it too much once period ended and not enough when we should have ��

My cycles are usually 28-32 days!!!

So now I am CD27. Here are my list of symtpoms...

Period: 25 feb-2 Mar CDs 1-6
CD 7: BD
CD 8: BD
CD 9: BD And bad stomach ache late evening
CD10: Felt pukish while brushing teeth. BD at night
CD11: got a random white zit above my lip! Not common to happen after period! Got a faint surge line...feeling onset of a sore throat.
CD 12: faint surge line again and still feel ill. BD at night
CD 13: surge line very very faint. Dizzy spells today...
CD 14: dizzy spells continue jabs left ovary side when lying down lasted a minute and very sharp! Barely there surge line! BD in evening and (TMI ALERT) I have a spot on my left butt cheek!!!! How random!
CD 15: dark surge line lower crampy twinges ..BD in evening!
CD 16: lower pelvic cramps and throat has started to hurt!
CD 17: dark surge line !! Intense sharp pain left side lasted a few minutes! Woke up at 5am couldn't sleep! Throat still bad post nasal drip..BD at night
CD 18: throat hurts
CD 19: nauseous after dinner
CD 20: nothing apart from post nasal drip throat pain
CD 21: dizzy spells continue
CD 22: crampy ..BD evening
CD 23: cried over a reality show!! Crampy and post nasal drip continues...
CD 24: dizzy spells ... Almost nasal drip
CD 25-27: dizzy spells and post nasal drip very phlegmy!
CD 26: started getting intense period pains and leg pains around 10pm! ��
CD 27: did a clear blue digital this morning and negative �� so upset...if I was pregnant would have showed up now no? I think with my son I tested when I was five days late never early so maybe there is still a chance I could be!? These period pains are telling me otherwise don't understand!

So any feedback? Did anyone else ever have intense AF pains before they got their BFP??? Any positive stories ? Advice? Anything? Would really appreciate it guys!

Nadia ��

cookielove Sun 23-Mar-14 08:17:33

That is a lot of information grin

I would wait till you are due on, and use a first response as they are much more accurate! Digi's are less sensitive.

Good luck. And report back smile

CarmineRose1978 Sun 23-Mar-14 08:20:27

Hi Nadia, I got my bfp yesterday after several days of cramping in my lower abdomen and my legs too. Apparently it can be a sign of your uterus and ligaments starting to stretch... So fx for you! I waited until 2 days after my period was due and used a clearblue digital first response, I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant, after 5 months ttc. Good luck!

Nadz27 Sun 23-Mar-14 10:24:46


Well I started getting the cramps a week ago and the more intense ones last night which made me wake up every three hours or so! But this mornings CB digi really saddened me sad ...I'm wondering now I had a dark LH surge line on CD 15 and 17 ...which means I probably ovulated between those days or after and we BD on: CD 14,15,17 and 22 so I'm afraid we missed the date and also I never really just lay there for ages after ...I tend to get up...sad I have this feeling AF is rearing her ugly head ...I haven't had sore boobs BUT past few days boobs have been achey underneath if that makes sense ...I've checked my cervix and it's a bit high as on takes a stretch for me to touch it...not an expert so don't wanna count on this to much. I don't have CM that comes in my panties so can't report on that...I'm not sure just want my BFP sad

cookielove Sun 23-Mar-14 21:20:38

Oh don't worry to much about lying still after dtd, in my first pregnancy we did everything you were meant to do, even stuck my legs in the air a couple of times. Got pregnant and the 6th cycle. Ended in mmc.

This pregnancy we weren't ttc at all, we dtd 4 days before I ovulated, dh pulled out (or so he says, I can't remember) I was on top and hopped off went straight to the bathroom to clean up. This baby has stuck around smile

My point is try not to worry to much, it will happens when it happens.

Good luck smile you'll get your Bfp!

Nadz27 Mon 24-Mar-14 11:28:02

I hope so! I'm cd28 now and lower back pain is unbelievable and I'm cleaning like crazy which is usually a pre AF sign �� so let's just wait and see I suppose I'm trying to be positive...

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