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Late ovulation/short luteal phase

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Jo178 Fri 21-Mar-14 17:05:58

I just wanted to share my experience to perhaps help others in the same situation.
I have one DD who is 2.5 and was conceived very easily on the first cycle.
Since coming off cerazette to conceive #2 I noticed that I was ovulating really late, CD21/22 and my LP was only around 9 or 10 days.
When we conceived DD I ovulated on CD12 on a 28/29 day cycle so a marked difference!
I did a little bit of research and started taking vitamin b6 last cycle which lengthened my LP by one day.
After a bit more research I started taking both evening primrose oil and a low dose of agnus castus from CD1. I've had a positive opk today, on cd16!
Obviously I realise that this may have been a total fluke and is just my cycle readjusting after coming off the pill but thought I'd share anyway as I know what I worry it is.
Good luck to everyone ttc!

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