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Clomid / New Job palaver!!

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Daisychain12 Fri 21-Mar-14 10:50:35

Ahhh hello again MN, it's been a while smile

So yesterday, after 18 months with no AF, and having already been diagnosed with PCOS, a specialist prescribed me progesterone and 4 cycles of Clomid.... so excited to get my body working again! And MEGA excited at the prospect of a lovely long-awaited BFP :D

The thing is, I have had a bit of a bad time at work lately. Nothing major, but the main issues at the moment revolve around the company not paying staff members SSP, failing to record quite serious injuries in the health & safety log and then claiming that the injuries were made outside of work .... It's been a bit of an eye opener to see how I might be treated if I were to announce I was pregnant any time soon - they are very reluctant to honour any health/ government rights.

I never planned to leave this job any time soon, but a friend has told me of a job coming up at her company - quite a large organisation, proper contracts etc, and that she could easily put in a good word for me.....

My question is, seeing as I have all of the tablets at home, do you think that I should wait to see what happens with this before starting the course? Or would putting them off be frowned upon by the fertility consultant considering the effort it has taken to get to this point? It would probably be more sensible right? Argh my head is all confused. I feel out of order that I could end up starting a new job & falling PG soon after! But then again the Clomid might not work, and I could be starting them now..

Any advice / thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks

blamber Fri 21-Mar-14 11:15:48

It's great that you're about to start clomid! I would not put it off. You've been waiting so long. It doesn't matter if you just started a new job and you get pregnant, they'll most likely wont mind. They surely can't be worse than your current work! And if you fall pregnant before you start a new job, you may not get smp but you'll be maternity allowance.

So don't put a possible bfp off just because of work. I accepted a new job and could have chosen not to try and conceive before starting because I wouldn't get smp. However, we have been trying for almost a year and I have pcos as well. Clomid was the next step for us, but I just got my bfp. I'm so happy I didn't waste this cycle even though I'll have to tell my work later on and I'm not getting as much money during maternity leave. It's worth it!

Daisychain12 Fri 21-Mar-14 11:28:09

Aw thanks blamber, you've made me all excited again!!

I couldn't sleep last night with nervous excitement about the Clomid / worry with the job situation... but you are right - worst comes to worst I'll still get MA, which doesn't work out too badly now does it smile. Think it's just everything has happened at once,and it's a bit bamboozling, but life has a way of doing that hey?!

And a massive Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! Always especially nice to hear PCOS/ Clomid success stories :D

barkingtreefrog Sat 22-Mar-14 09:12:01

Go for the new job, sounds like less stress on you, which is only good for more energy to get pg!

I've been putting off job moves for the last 2 years because I don't want to do that then pg. I should have just gone for it. Women get accidentally pg all the time (angry ) so they haven't planned their jobs round it. Stuff happens. Even if you get a bfp first round of clomid (I did, although then mc) you'll still be with the company a good number of months before you leave for mt.

Good luck grin .

Inshock73 Sat 22-Mar-14 09:26:11

Don't put it off, start the clomid and go for a new job. You don't know how an employer will react until it happens. I was in my job for 18 months, a management position, secure job and I was doing a very good job smile (I know coz people told me!) had a mc, worked with all women so openly said I would be trying again and I was made redundant! I can't go in to the details thanks to the compromise agreement I had to sign in order to get 2 months redundancy pay but lets just say my employer dealt a really nasty low blow. Don't put baby plans on hold for a job!

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