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Do abdominal exercises have a negative impact on reproductive organs???

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KEGirlOnFire Thu 20-Mar-14 21:17:14

Sorry - weird question I know but...

Since mid January I have been on a diet and have lost a stone in weight but I was noticing that my problem area (my waist) wasn't really improving so I've been doing some abdominal exercises every night. In the past day or so (which is cd6 so I know it isn't af or ov related) I've been getting pain very low down where I would normally get cycle related cramping.

Now I'm convinced that it's related to the exercise beccause I vaguely remember having it after these exercises when I was much younger, but I was just wondering whether any damage could be caused to ovaries/tubes/womb etc by doing these exercises... blush

Technical Thu 20-Mar-14 21:31:52

I haven't had that and I do lots of ab exercises!

I did have what I described to my GP as permanent period paid and it turned out to be bowel related. It can be hard to distinguish the two, apparently.

clementinesandbananas Fri 21-Mar-14 17:44:47

I really doubt they'd impact anything: your reproductive bits are actually pretty small and very well hidden/protected. Ab exercises generally target much more superficial muscles (ie muscles closer to the skin than your reproductive bits).

Even when you're pregnant you can still do ab work, you just need to be careful about body position (you shouldn't be flat on the ground after first tri but on an incline), and that's got nothing to do with your bits but is rather to prevent your uterus (which has increased in weight) squashing blood vessels and reducing blood flow.

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