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I am quite stressed and starting to think stress may be preventing me becoming pregnant but this makes me more stressed. any help?

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sophielouisep Wed 19-Mar-14 22:24:27

Hello, me and my fiance have had 4 miscarriages in the past up to two years ago. we have finally been able to feel comfortable to start trying again but we are struggling and I have been quite stressed lately. The more I feel stressed I feel that this is preventing me to get pregnant then the thought of that makes me feel even more stressed and upset. I have been charting every moment and me and my fiance have been trying on the correct days and as much as we can. Can anyone suggest anything to boost our chances of becoming pregnant? Thankyou, much love xo

RPopz Sat 22-Mar-14 15:04:41

I don't have any advice but just wanted to say I know how you feel! Stressed about being stressed... its crazy.Good luck x

Inshock73 Sat 22-Mar-14 15:27:08

Hi Sophie, you're not alone there are lots of women on here who understand how you feel. Have you had the routine hormone and thyroid tests done? As you've had more than 3 mc's have the causes been investigated?

MooMaid Sat 22-Mar-14 16:57:48

I know people say "just relax" or "it'll happen if you stop stressing" but try not to overthink it.

I don't truly believe your body has to be in the optimum relaxation state to conceive as I'm sure lots of people conceive in difficult and stressful circumstances.

I guess it's better if you're relaxed but not the bee-all and end-all.

What i'm trying to say is don't worry too much about worrying about stressing, I'm a huge worrier and always have been so perhaps it's my 'normal' if that makes sense? And for you, you're bound to be stressed but try not to beat yourself up about it. If relaxing was all it took, they'd be pills to take for us all to get relaxed and conceive and no I'm not on about drugs lol

MooMaid Sat 22-Mar-14 16:58:36

typo, there'd not they'd...... d'oh

blamber Sat 22-Mar-14 17:38:31

Stress does not have that much of an effect on fertility if at all, so try not to worry too much.

sophielouisep Sun 23-Mar-14 19:15:59

Thankyou guys, it means alot for the support, I have been tested for many things to see if everything is ok and its all been fine. My partner did say though the other day that if nothing happens within the next 2 months, he is going to get him self checked any way. It may be just the case of its just not happening yet, Im not sure. Our bodies work in many different ways haha. Thankyou though guys, it realy does mean alot. Fingers crossed hey! (:

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