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Is this my rainbow??

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Sleepingstarsmommy Wed 19-Mar-14 06:41:49

Really didn't think this was going to be our month and AF would come tomorrow or Fri, especially as my temp started to dip yesterday. My temp has gone back up this morning so I POAS and think there is a faint line. Can you see it too or am I imagining it??

MikeWazowski Wed 19-Mar-14 06:44:48

It looks faint but I'm pretty sure I can see a line. Congratulations !

jetSTAR Wed 19-Mar-14 06:45:38

I can see a very faint line smile hope it all works out for you! Fingers crossed.

Pontouf Wed 19-Mar-14 06:46:19

I can see a line!

ForTheLoveOfSocks Wed 19-Mar-14 06:56:32

Definitely a line

Congratulations grin

Kellyc13 Wed 19-Mar-14 14:48:38

Yep definitely a line smile congratulations! If you want to be sure why not get a digital test x

maeanne Thu 20-Mar-14 17:48:01

I can see it! Keeping everything crossed for you!

I got a faint positive that looked exactly like that on Sunday morning and they have been getting stronger since smile Af was due yesterday and has been a no show so far!...

Sleepingstarsmommy Thu 20-Mar-14 20:59:16

A definite strong line this morning. Now keeping everything crossed that it's a sticky one!!

cookielove Fri 21-Mar-14 10:34:16

Ahhh congratulations smile

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