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feel bit stupid, my body feels pregnant but i cant be. Driving me mad

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ThinkIMmad Tue 18-Mar-14 22:49:28

Hi, im just wondering if anyone else may of experienced this. Basically the last 2 weeks been getting very strong pregnancy symptoms. All the usual symptoms acid, dizzyness, cramping, head aches, feeling sick, off my food the main symptom boob ache i never get boob ache not even on AF or leading up to it only with pregnancy. Due to these i did a test last weekend came back negative i then did 1 a couple days later as symptoms were continuing and again negative.

Then on weds i started bleeding so thought thats that periods here was kind of relieved (we arent ttc and have 4 children already so its not that im obsessing over wanting a baby) since then the bleeding has been mild i usually have very heavy periods but are very iregular atm its only today bleding has turned proper red (tmi) but still not heavy. I had still been getting the symptoms but been ignoring obviously thinking its stupid of me to even think i could be pregnant. Today has been a bit of a weird day though i woke up with a metallic taste something else ive only experienced during pregnancy. Ive felt like crying all day and my boob ache has suddenly got more uncomfortable and pelvic cramping has returned. I really dont know whats up with me.

Im getting a bit worried incase its a mc or something as had 1 last year with similar bleeding for the first few days. Ive had a scan last month to see about pain id been getting and also my iregular periods and it brought up nothing no cysts or anything. I kno the sensible thing would be to do another test but im bit scared tbh and bit embarrased as i know deep down i cant possibly be

Thanks for reading

greenlizard Wed 19-Mar-14 07:58:27

That does sound unusual! I would go with your instinct and test again (FRER are the most sensitive I think) as you clearly know what being pregnant feels like! Bleeding /cramping in early pregnancy is quite common. Hope you get the answer you are looking for (or at least an answer?).

ThinkIMmad Wed 19-Mar-14 10:33:38

Thank you. Feeling a bit better today taste has gone and apart from mild ache in my stomach and boobs. I been talking to a friend who said may be hormonal. My bleeding is bit more heavier aswell so possibly just a weird period. I will have to sit it out i guess i do feel a bit of a fool doing a test when my head knows im not

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