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How do I know when to poas if I'm not sure when my period is due?

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KateBeckett Tue 18-Mar-14 10:52:57

Just that really! DP and I are planning on TTC in a few months, but had a... Contraception failure last week.

I know I will prob not be pregnant (an tbh timing would be bette in a few months for various reasons) but I would like to do a test to make sure.

Trouble is, I don't really keep track of my cycle so not sure when AF is due! Am I just going to have to wait a month and see if it turns up? I am aren't I?!

GailLondon Tue 18-Mar-14 12:26:35

Hmm there's not much else you can do now but wait and see! You must have a vague idea of your last AF, was it a few weeks ago now? I'd buy a few sticks and just keep POAS once a week (or more if you are impatient!) until something happens

blamber Tue 18-Mar-14 14:29:37

If the failure just happened once, take that day and 6 or so days after that as the days or possible conception. Then two weeks after that POAS, so about three weeks after the failure.

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