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Tww due my period in 6 days feel very sick

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My4angels04 Mon 17-Mar-14 19:55:03

Hi everyone I'm new on here! But am always searching for similar tales on other ladies experiences on ttc I have 4 children and going for my 5th I've never had to try! And this time round has taken me almost 6 months to even get a glimmer of hope I'm 32 in July eeek! Lol well I ovulated on the 8th march and ever since have felt so so sick! My nipples are starting to darken and a lot more bumpy a little tender but nothing major! I've had period cramps and dull ache in my back for last 8 days due my af on the 24th really hoping it's my month as really want another baby ;) anyone else felt so sick at this stage and extremely tired please comment would love to here from u xxxx

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