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When to POAS

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fuckertyfuckfuck Mon 17-Mar-14 08:26:58

I posted last night about being pretty sure im upduffed and need to POAS but this morning I started to wonder if it'd be too early.
Although I have a DD I haven't got a clue as was told at docs last time during routine tests.
No idea where I am in cycle as have PCOS, im sure I had implantation pain thurs/fri and have very sensitive nipples which is very unusual for me.
Is it too early to POAS? And get an accurate result?
Didn't think I'd get to chemist until Tues/Wed but can get to Sainsburys today.
Thanks in advance for any replies

ithinkineedahug Mon 17-Mar-14 22:35:23

If I were you I would POSS now and then again in a week to make sure of the result either way. good luck!

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