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SuzieJK Mon 17-Mar-14 03:04:53

I'm not actively ttcing, more like actively not preventing.... But anyhow, contraception history is as follows, had the injection at 16 and it stopped my periods for a very long time, swore I would never have it again so promptly went and had it again at the age of 21. Never had it topped up, tried for a baby for two years with nada. Finally had baby at the age of 25. Had the coil about 6 months later and had it out after a couple of years, didn't get on with it but GP was a dragon. It came out nov 2012. Had the implant later the same month, hated it from the get go. Had it out march 2013 and ended up nearly bleeding to death with first AF afterwards. No joke, ended up in resus thru bleeding. Periods been insanely heavy ever since, had to have transexamic acid to calm them down. Haven't had any contraception since. My periods have been 32 days like clockwork since... Until the last few months that is. I haven't fallen pregnant, in a year with no contraception and my bf and I are doing the deed pretty much every day. My second to last period arrived five days late on CD 37 and so has this one, on CD 37. I don't get it. Why are my periods doing this? Am I not ovulating? It's really bugging me and yes, upsetting me as well. My bf is not the father of my kid, we split when she was two and now his gf is heavily pregnant. I know I want another child and as my kid is five already and I am 31 at the end of this year, I don't want to leave it too long. My bf likes the idea of a child. But I'm worrying that there is something wrong with me. Is there anything I can do to make my cycles shorter again? Or something I can take to make my womb more baby friendly?? I feel like a duck with only one duckling, I wanted at least two or three ducklings....

SuzieJK Mon 17-Mar-14 08:39:45

And today I notice that my period is also unusually light. I googled it and apparently I am going through the menopause. I know that I am probably not and that you should never google your symptoms because you will be told that you are dying, but I'm really worried now sad sad sad

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