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Fire breathing penis dragons get a 'Spring' in your spermies, warm us up and get us upduffed in March! Part two!

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Treaclepie19 Sat 15-Mar-14 23:27:01

Another thread for a chatty bunch!!!
Think positive ladies! smile

katecupoftea Sat 15-Mar-14 23:46:59

Good work treacle! I'll copy the stats over...

missmrsmummy Sat 15-Mar-14 23:47:22

Thanks for the new thread Treacle!

katecupoftea Sat 15-Mar-14 23:50:47


SaRaRaRaRa BFP 1st March
Tigsy BFP 1st March
PosyFossilsShoes BFP 2nd March
Lorelei12 BFP 3rd March
seeking BFP 7th March
MrsY BFP 7th March
Wineandchoccy BFP 8th March
barmybunting BFP 9th March
Choccywoccydodah BFP 9th March <cheering for little Choccylet to stick>

BFPs Due:

bilbob23 TTC#1 Cycle#1 BFP Due 1st March
khinks03 TTC#1 Cycle#9 BFP Due 1st March
ClemencePoesy cycle 1 ttc #3 BFP due 1st March
Moonbeam83 TTC#1 Cycle#8 BFP Due 2nd March
craftycat89 TTC#1 Cycle#5 BFP Due 2nd March
gennibugs TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP Due 3rd March
bellaboo88 TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP Due 4th March
indigo55 tcc#1 cycle 2 BFP Due 4th March
Jo178 TTC#2 cycle #2 bfp 4th March
Giraffeski TTC#3, Cycle#1 BFP due 4th March.
RetroHippy TTC#1 Cycle# 3 BFP due 5th March
aylesburyduck TTC#1 Cycle#3 BFP Due 6th March
Gingerbreadlady1 TTC#1 Cycle#16 BFP Due 6th March
1974rach TTC#1 Cycle#3 BFP Due 6th March
Serafinaaa TTC#1 Cyle#3 BFP Due 6th March
SurreyBunny TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP Due 7th March
MrsNutjob TTC#1 Cycle#7 BFP Due 7th March
Keepingmyconvertible TTC#1 Cycle #9 (post MMC) BFP Due 7th March
3isourmagicnumber ttc #3 cycle 1 bfp due 9th of March
skybluegirl33 TTC#1 Cycle#8 BFP Due 7th/8th March
Coffeechocolate TTC#3 Cycle#3 BFP Due 8th March
Wharm14 TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP Due 8th March
Angelicjen TTC#1 Cycle#3 BFP Due 9th March
Spinningirl10, ttc#3, cycle 4 post mc. Bfp due March 9th.
Starbright24 TTC#1 Cycle#3 BFP Due 9th March
broodysnoopstie TTC#1 Cycle#7 BFP Due 9th March
Spotti TTC#1 Cycle# 3 BFP due 10th March
RetroHippy, ttc#1, cycle 4, bfp due anywhere between 10th - 20th March
flirty30s TTC#1 Cycle#1 BFP Due 11th March
ZippyBoo TTC#1 Cycle#3 BFP Due 11th March
Fingerscrossed36 TTC #2 Cycle #2 BFP due 12th Marc
nicx240187 TTC #1 Cycle 8/9 bfp due 13th march
Goodfruit TTC#2 Cycle#5 BFP Due 14th March
sammyj85 TTC#1 Cycle#1 BFP Due 14th March
SkylerRose TTC#1 Cycle#11 BFP due 15th March
GoWestcountry TTC2 Cycle#1 BFP Due 15th March
kurama ttc #1 cycle 30 bfp 15th March
Moffit TTC#2 cycle5 BFP due 17th March
Nottalotta. Ttc #1 cycle 10. Bfp due 18th march.
EnglishGirlAbroad TTC #1 Cycle 6 BFP due 19th March
rambini TTC #1 Cycle#2 BFP due 19th March
SnowBells TTC #1 Cycle#4 BFP due 19th March
ImaginaryHat, ttc #1, cycle 10, bfp due 19 March
flirty30s TTC #1 Cycle #1 BFP due 19th March
Strawberryfizzylaces1 TTC#1 Cycle#1 BFP Due 20th March
boumplj TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP due 20th March
MuddyLady TTC#1 Cycle#2 BFP Due 20th March
Knottyknitter TTC #1. Cycle 4. BFP due 20th March
missmrsmummy TTC#1 cycle#4 BFP due 20th March
Onelifeonechance, ttc #1, cycle 10, bfp 20th March.
babybabybabyoh Ttc#1, cycle 1, Bfp due 21st March
MrsGingerbread TTC #1 cycle 1 BFP Due 21st March
ItsChristmaass Ttc #2, cycle 15, due 22nd March
Treaclepie19 TTC #1 cycle 3 BFP due 22nd March
Tilly28 ttc #1 cycle 1 bfp due 22nd March
GoWestcountry Ttc #2, cycle 1, BFP 22nd March
Owlie84, TTC#1, Cycle 9, BFP due March 22nd
Cineraria: TTC#1, Cycle 2, BFP due 22nd March
cth1982 TTC#1 Cycle 3 BFP Due 22nd March
PunkyPod TTC#2 Cycle#1 BFP due 24th March
MrsExtraOrdinary cycle3 bfp 24th march
nosaint ttc #1 cycle 8. BFP due 24th March
CagedMango TTC #1 cycle 8. Bfp due 24th.
Serenitysutton TTC#1 Cycle#1 BFP Due 25th March
Mama31 ttc#2 cycle 10 bfp due 27th March
Hibou7688 ttc#1, cycle 4 bfp due 28th March
katecupoftea TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 28th March.
Nordicmom TTC#3 Cycle#5 BFP Due 28th March
EmilyPinkOrBlue TTC #1 Cycle 2 BFP 29th March
KittyVonCatsington TTC #1, cycle 4, BFP Due 30th March
ReginaFelange22 TTC #1 cycle 4 BFP 30th March
toots123 ttc#1 cycle 4 bfp 31st March
ScoutFinchMockingbird ttc #2 cycle #1 31st March
Hazelbrowneyes TTC#1 Cycle 3 BFP 31st March
BearsInMotion TTC #2 Cycle 1 BFP 31st March

Unsure/April bus
babytinks89 TTC#1 Cycle#3 (post Mc) BFP Due???
dietcoketime69 TTC #1 Cycle#??? BFP due ?
lindamagoo TTC#3 Cycle#1 BFP Due?
NewlymrsB TTC#1, cycle #3 BFP Due?
noitsachicken TTC #2 Cycle#2 BFP Due?
smorgasborgen TTC#? Cycle#? BFP Due 13th March
Shellster52 TTC#? Cylce#35 BFP Due??
GeorgieWilson TTC #? Cycle ? BFP ???
Impatienceisavirtue TTC # 1 Cycle 8 BFP ?
Zermatt ttc 1, cycle 3 BFP ???
LittleMissSunshine33 TTC#1 cycle 4


katecupoftea Sat 15-Mar-14 23:51:56

Just copied it and amended Sunshine's stats, I will let the more competent stats-keepers take over coughkittycough

Treaclepie19 Sat 15-Mar-14 23:52:13

No problem! Thanks Kate smile

Zermatt Sun 16-Mar-14 05:48:37

My AF is due tomorrow or Tues I think, have symptoms of it so expect to be on the April bus soon

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 05:50:45

<looks around> am I the first?

Just POAS. Bfn. And my temps dropped this morning so I think my 'triphasic rise' was just me being ill. Hey-ho. I suppose it was a bit much to expect dream house and bfp in one week.

Good luck to those still to test.

kurama Sun 16-Mar-14 06:03:36

Cheering on little choccybean to stick more so as my brain has just clicked that I remember choccy from when I was on the busses last time before I had to take a couple months break. Go choccy Go smile clomid cycle 2 day 1 begins grin oh and my bug seems to be leaving a lot sooner than dhs did hehe

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 06:04:58

<cheers. Waves green pom poms>

Gooooooooooooo Choccybean!

KittyVonCatsington Sun 16-Mar-14 06:12:56

Morning! Still sitting on the back row but moved to the middle seats!

Feeling nauseous this morning so ovulation must be round the corner (always feel nauseous around ovulation-bloody progesterone!)

Come on ChoccyBean!! shamrock

Retro-in the voices of Tess and Brucie..."Keeeeeep Testing!"

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 06:21:25

Trying not to get my hopes up now Kitty!

Jealous of your pre-ov nausea. I'd love some sort of symptom so I know it's happening without peeing on numerous sticks. This month I just got grumpy, picked a fight with DH and missed DTD the day before hmm. It's like natural contraception!

MrsGingerbread Sun 16-Mar-14 06:28:12

Oh posh new bus! Yay! I'm expecting af sometime next week (date now not certain due to cycle lengthening effects of folic acid! ), so I guess I need to sit front/middleish.

MrsE wow, what a story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Brings out pom poms for choccy I really hope that your little cocoa bean is sticky!

toots123 Sun 16-Mar-14 06:28:32

Thanks for the new thread!! smile

Today is my fifth flashing smiley so surely I'll ov in the next few days. Then we can start the tww together kitty

the cat woke us up but im going back to sleep haha

rambini Sun 16-Mar-14 07:09:31

Morning all, BFN here sad
Pretty sure I am out. 11 dpo, BFN with frer, and woke up with the familiar cramps and backache which I always get 3 days before AF. Feeling fed up now, as we are taking a break next month to avoid a xmas baby (dates mean it would be due xmas eve). skulks off to sulk and cry in bed for a while
Better luck to any others poas

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 07:25:50

Bad luck rambini sad flowers

I'm going for it next month despite the dates (similar to yours I'd imagine). I'm relying on the continuing major inconvenience of Christmas birthdays to guarantee up-duffing!

Spotti Sun 16-Mar-14 07:34:35

>sulkily stomps off to the back of the bus< (technically not even meant to be on this bus, but I'm feeling rebellious and have come along for the ride...and a giggle wink).

Come on choccy bean!

Sorry about AF rambini and retro. I have cake if you'd like to share? I'm smothering mine in chocolate spread this messy but oh so yummy grin.

Are we having more dragons on this bus?

BearsInMotion Sun 16-Mar-14 07:35:23

Morning! TTC #2 here, first (real!) attempt, BFP due 24 March!

Sorry to hear about the BFNs sad

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 07:37:01

I feel the need for a penis dragon too-up. I fear we may have exhausted Google's supply though.

Spotti Sun 16-Mar-14 07:42:12

Nope, not possible Retro! Google is infinite!

Found this just now. The description said "fertility symbol bronze, bronze with depiction of dragon". In my own words, that says "bronze dragon penis. Symbol of fertility" wink.

Can't quite remember the exact reason why penis dragons became our mascots, but it seems that they really are believed to be good for fertility!

Zermatt Sun 16-Mar-14 07:44:53

On my little mobile screen it looks like a penis shaped turd smile

Spotti Sun 16-Mar-14 07:46:18

Ha ha ha. Nearly chocked on my cake then!

KittyVonCatsington Sun 16-Mar-14 07:56:15

CD19 for me and still flashing smiley on OPK. Second line not as dark as it has been when taking the stick out. CD19 for past three cycles has been ovulation day for me, so hoping on hope this nausea comes with some pains soon (never thought I'd be saying that!) dreading the thought I might be one of the ladies who doesn't ovulate after an e m/c. Come on dragon penis-give me some shamrock!!!!!!!

RetroHippy Sun 16-Mar-14 07:57:29

Haha! Thank you Spotti. Google is Great!

It does look a little melty...

nosaint Sun 16-Mar-14 08:34:05

I think we need more virile looking penis dragons to bring on the BFPs... ;-)

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