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how much does stress affect conception?

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smorgasborgen Fri 14-Mar-14 14:19:11

got quite a stressful promotion which I was assured if I went for I would have shadowing/training etc..not had much of that and I spend most evenings mornings (shift work) I n tears.
I used t way nine stone six and now I weight eight n a half stone .I'm only five foot one t put that in perspective.
I just feel I have a ball of stress in my stomach all the time and I tread the next time I will have t team lead. ( twenty hours team lead and fifteen original job...
feels like a vicious circle as I can't resign due t trying for a baby but fear I won't conceive feeling this sad and anxious.
just feel I need some outside in put as bosses just say its fine I have the skills! and husband hugs me but doesn't know what t say bless him x

Chosenbyyou Fri 14-Mar-14 20:29:59

Hi Hun,

Sorry you are having a rough time and you sound exhausted.

Firstly, I had both the doctor and DH telling me that I would never get pregnant because I was so stressed out. I spent quite a lot of time reading up on this and there is mixed info out there but nothing that proves this at all. All I could fond was that if you are stressed you may not feel like dtd at the right times or might argue with DH. Well hasten to say it took five months (after mmc) getting more and more stressed but finally got pregnant again so I'm don't think that stress will stop you at all.

Second problem is your job and stress there ( for your own sanity) you need to take steps to try to reduce this. Do you have anyone senior who you can discuss your lack of support with? Also, have you had any feedback that you are not doing a good job, you probably are and it's just you being self critical?

I am a fairly stressed person and find I wake in the night with worries that in the morning arnt quite so bad?!

Feel for you Hun as you sound maxed out and maybe putting too much pressure on yourself? What do you think?


Monkeybubbles1 Fri 14-Mar-14 21:25:02

My understanding is that prolonged stress can delay ovulation and stop your body from making adequate hormones. That's the scientific theoretical blurb. A real life example, however, is my mother. She's a stresshead and managed to pop out 7 of us, but had 8 known pregnancies.

naty1 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:23:59

I dont know but..... I got REALLY stressed in my 2ww for ivf
It didnt work in fact at the height of the stress i started spotting and started a period even before i stopped the progesterone supplementation.
But i already have a hormonal imbalance.
OTH i was undergoing a really stressful time at work during ivf #1 and it worked.
If you are stressed apparently exercise can really help.
If you really hate the change to your job can you switch back.
Also changes can be really stressful for a couple of months and then you cope better as you learn what to expect and new skills.

smorgasborgen Tue 18-Mar-14 21:45:21

thanks for all your comments. I'm trying t make the best of it and trying t keep things in perspective. difficult for me!
I suppose its the first time I've felt trapped really.

exercise is a good idea. I'm going t focus on country walks, zumba and letter writing! x

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