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Desperate for Advice

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happypinkpanther Fri 14-Mar-14 08:59:56


I wondered if someone could give me some advice about what tests the doc can do regarding fertility, how long these take and what the next steps would be??

My husband and I have been TTC for a year next month. Unfortunately I've been quite poorly during this time and our trying was interrupted for a couple of months. My illness means I had to start a new treatment 2 months ago which at some hospitals you are allowed to continue to TTC but mine 'officially' won't. We decided ill stop the treatment so that the GP will begin investigating what's wrong (she doesn't see any point in doing this atm because the treatment seems to be messing up my normally regular cycles). Unfortunately this means its possible ill get poorly again sad So we need things investigated ASAP because the longer I'm off treatment the more likely ill be ill again.

Unfortunately the whole situation has me in bits- which again can trigger me to be poorly. Literally ALL my best friends have announced they're expecting over the last 6 months- including 5 of the closest people to me. I think the whole reason my illness flared up from June last year is because I came off my antidepressants to TTC and I got very low and stressed- I'm scared its going to happen again because I'm not coping atm sad obviously that won't help TTC either.

Can anyone advise?? What should I tell the GP and is there anything in particular I should say or push for?? I've posted in infertility too but kinda hoping there's someone here who's had success and might be able to help.

Thank you xxx

BlackberryandNettle Sun 16-Mar-14 21:40:28

Hi, sorry you've had no response. It sounds to me like you might need to make it clearer either to the people managing your illness that you need a medication compatible with TTC, or, insist gp tests for fertility problems regardless of medication/ 2 month break.

You could pay privately for fertility testing at least for your other half to rule out problems there.

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