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Time to give up?!

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ZoBo1234 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:42:15

I'm extremely exhausted, I've been spotting for about a week - started off thick brown discharge and slowly turned into pinky red bloody discharge but only when I wipe, my boobs are very sore and very veiny, I'm overly emotional but when I take tests they come back negative. I just want to cry, it's really getting me down, we have been trying for 6 months, we our first baby I caught straight away. It seems like my cycle is just all over the place sad help sad

GailLondon Wed 12-Mar-14 11:48:54

Hi ZoBo so sorry to hear you're feeling like this. Can you tell us some more? What has your cycle been like recently? What day of your cycle are you on now?
Don't give up!

ZoBo1234 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:51:45

I had a miscarriage early December, I then had a 6-7 week gap of nothing. Had a period on 5th Feb for a week. I don't know when I ovulated or wht my cycle is doing. I just have strong pregnancy symptoms but don't know whether I'm testing too early or if I should just accept this isn't our month xx

StudyFullTime Thu 13-Mar-14 08:33:14

My AF was on the 6th Feb, my cycle is roughly 32 days and I got a BFP on tuesday, do you know how long your cycle is roughly?

ZoBo1234 Thu 13-Mar-14 09:20:15

No, tbh they are a bit all over the place :/

Baxter2014 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:53:33

Hi zobo I also had a MC in early December but started TTC again straight away. My first cycle was normal in length but I had such strong PG symptoms I could have sworn I was PG - swollen, veiny boobs, headaches, spots, mild cramping etc etc. The next cycle I was 4 days overdue with again really strong but different PG symptoms. I also had 'a feeling' I was PG. Tested and got BFN for days before AF finally arrived. MC can really mess with your cycle. I had been so regular before with absolutely no symptoms so couldnt really make sense of what was happening. This month I pretty much gave up OPK testing and just relaxed with it, tried using concieve plus lube as well. I tested on the day AF was due and I got the strongest BFP I have ever seen! I am now 5 weeks pregnant! Just wanted to say its so confusing not being able to trust your body any more after a MC. It WILL get better and I am sure you will get your BFP soon. Don't give up just try and relax as best you can. I wish you all the best xx

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