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Somebody talk me down please...

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ChampagneTastes Tue 11-Mar-14 16:14:47

Been TTC DC2 for 14 months now. Got to the point of blood tests at the doctor and a sperm test for my DH. Every single month I get myself all excited at potential symptoms and every single month I crash back down to earth when my period turns up.

This month I am on day 21 of a 28 day cycle and my boobs are killing me. Can someone please remind me that there's no way I could be having symptoms this early and generally rain on my parade so I don't get stupidly excited again please?

ChampagneTastes Tue 11-Mar-14 20:47:30

At the risk of sounding needy.... Bump?

RPopz Tue 11-Mar-14 21:26:18

Didn't want to read and run! I do this EVERY month, so totally sympathise. Fingers crossed for you anyway x

banterbus Tue 11-Mar-14 22:15:24

I do this every month too so know how you feel sad I find it almost impossible not to symptom spot it drives me crazy!

ChampagneTastes Wed 12-Mar-14 06:41:31

Thanks both. As someone once said, it's not the disappointment that kills you, it's the hope. Trying so hard to be realistic this month butboy stupid brain keeps getting carried away with thoughts of babies and a sibling for DS1.

Cnix Wed 12-Mar-14 18:35:48

Bless you. I have been properly trying for three cycles for dc2 and got AF in Monday. I was so disappointed I cried about it so goodness knows how you must be feeling after 14 months. But I think we must stay optimistic because surely statistically speaking it's got to happen eventually? What were the results if your tests?

Nottalotta Wed 12-Mar-14 18:43:46

Hello, I am on cycle 10 ttc #1. I really know how you feel. I am more hopeful this month as dtd more often. After the first early months i resolved to try to be as sane as possible and NOT to test til af was late.

Good luck.

ChampagneTastes Wed 12-Mar-14 19:56:20

Nottalotta Yes I've promised myself not to test until day 29 at the very earliest. Four days to go... I am ridiculously hormonal but that could mean anything...

Thanks Cnix - I won't get the results of the tests for a while. DH has perfectly speedy sperm so that's not an issue. Had an STI test and a blood test which has a second part to it on Tuesday.

I am trying really bloody hard not to drum my fingers from now until Tuesday.

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