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9 days late bfn but spotting

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xxxmariaxxx Tue 11-Mar-14 15:53:05

Hello thanks in advance

Im going out my mind I have never been this late before I do have.psoc but never this late on period.
I had a blood pregnancy test done when I was 4 days late amd was.only a 2hcg so doctor said definitely not pregnant alsp had negative pregnancy test I have been trying to conceive with my daughter I didnt no I was I had cramps when doctors was pregnant and was 4 weeks so the day I was due was positive
Can it be pregnancy or ectopic? Or just period messed up

I have cramps left side and also today I vomited and after doctor examined my abdomen yesterday I got home to a bit of bleeding when I wiped like a streak also bit of discharge and still cramps so thought finally I no but since then nothing but cramps any one had this

xxxmariaxxx Tue 11-Mar-14 15:56:31

Also have doctor ringing me in a hour and half phone call appointment

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