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thread maxed out!!

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misskgb Tue 11-Mar-14 08:55:36

The 'Um hello newbie' thread has maxed out at 1000 messages so hoping we can find the people who were on there and continue where we left people welcome too!!

weebairn Sun 25-May-14 08:56:53

mrshjb <whispers> I have a (small) glass of wine a couple times a week… but I am a slack second-timer wink Didn't have any in first trimester though I think, felt too sick!

Off to join new thread smile

mrshjb Sun 25-May-14 08:32:36

And here it is...

mrshjb Sun 25-May-14 08:24:41

Lolly I'm definitely not going to do any more tests now. I think I needed to do another one just reassure myself that it wasn't like a faulty test or something- even though I knew that was ridiculous! I've posted my IC OPKs and HPTs to someone on the May bus so I'd have to actually go and buy more tests to do any others! I don't really think that I would drink anything either, I think I would feel too worried. I think the only exception might be a small glass of prosecco on xmas day but by then I don't think it's as bad if you have a little drink?! Shame about your skin, I was so depressed when mine was awful a few weeks ago. Are you treating it with anything?

weebairn I have wondered that myself because I've googled other pregnancy tests at 15dpo (which is what I thought I was) and some of them are barely there. Where as I have strong lines that came up instantly. This cycle was a bit confusing because my EWCM actually started on cd15 but then carried on until about cd24 ish, I got to the point that I was worried my body was trying to ovulate but failing! So I went off my temps, but I was taking them a little bit inconsistently, so maybe I am a few days further along than I think I am?! Did anyone else get a strong positive early on?

My DH calls it the vocal minority, which is pretty accurate I think! I'm not deluded in to thinking hardly anyone ever has a miscarriage, but I don't actually know that many people who it has happened to in real life. I wonder if it's getting more common because people are generally having babies later in life? Must be awful to be trying for 3 years. I was so scared that it would happen to us. Did anyone see the One Born Every Minute where the woman went to her sister's child's birth and she was the only one of her siblings who had been unable to conceive? I was welling up watching it! Apparently OBEM is back this summer!

Thanks Kiki! No worries about finding out later, I remembered you saying that you were going away!

I'm going to make us a pregnancy thread now and I'll paste the link on to here. For some reason I think it'll feel more real when we're on the pregnancy threads haha!!xxx

KikiThePea Sun 25-May-14 00:03:24

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Helen I am beyond thrilled for you! I feel unerringly guilty about not knowing about this until just now (had completely overwhelming urge to check the thread to see if you had news!
I am so, so pleased for you, and this just goes to show that this (and the original) thread is quite clearly the best, and luckiest one in the world! Brilliant! xxx

weebairn Sat 24-May-14 20:55:42

Oooh don't wish for symptoms Helen! Though I understand. Your tests are much stronger than mine were with either pregnancy, I wonder if you ovulated earlier than you thought?? But yeah I would stop doing them now in case you drive yourself crazy!

Yes to the antenatal thread; that would be lovely. I hung out with such a nice group of ladies last pregnancy, I think the pregnancy threads a couple of years back were calmer and less crazy than they are this year or maybe I was just lucky! Lots of us are still in touch. It was so helpful.

I think you do get collections on MN of people who are struggling to conceive whereas in real life most people can conceive in under a year without any issues. So it is a bit disproportionate; though obviously who's to know if you're going to be one of the unlucky ones when you first start trying. Same with miscarriages, they're not rare, but more people don't have them than do. And it's very understandable why you might search out online support if you're having difficulties. But I think it does give a bit of a skewed picture.

In my real life, everyone in my family has conceived extremely quickly and without issues, under 6 months for every baby and 1st month for lots of them. Some of my mates have taken longer (11 months for one couple; 2.5 years for another - though their second baby was conceived in a couple of months!) but never had any actual identified problem, just took a while… I have one friend (that I know of) that has been trying for over 3 years now sad

We are all very lucky! Let's hope we all carry the luck through our pregnancies. smile

Lolly84 Sat 24-May-14 18:11:48

Just popping in for a quick message.

H I did 2 from same pack and then no more. Sister told me not to test more as the levels of HCG increase so much that it can give you an inconclusive test! Think it may be called the hook effect. You are pregnant, you have solid symptoms. You will have a week of feeling everything and then nothing! The food aversions are sooooo annoying!!

My friend is down for a visit. She is currently drinking some cocktails with my DH while I am on the orange juice. Was thinking about having a unit tonight and decided I am not drinking anything until baby is born.

My skin is soooooo bad at the mo, it's peeing me off. It's actually quite sore too!! Xx

mrshjb Sat 24-May-14 17:46:19

Laughed at your collection of tests Lady. These are mine....

Both lines on the IC have been gradually fading throughout the day. They were much stronger this morning!!

mrshjb Sat 24-May-14 17:41:46

Aww thanks so much weebairn! I totally forgot that you hadn't yet been on, my head has seriously been up my bum all week! Today I found a whole bag of frozen chicken pieces in the fridge, no idea when I put them in because I can't even remember when I had chicken. Unfortunately had to be chucked!!

Yeah I'm really glad that I waited a little bit longer to test because the first one I did was positive in less than 5 seconds and I think I was so nervous the wait would have actually killed me!

Yeah it's been such a lucky thread hasn't it! Although of the 3 people I am close to in real life, none of them took longer than 3 months to conceive so maybe we're pretty normal and MN gives us a bit of a unrealistic view on TTC?! Although it felt like I was trying for ages, it was actually on the 2nd normal cycle that I conceived so not bad really! I just wish I had of waited until my periods settled down to start trying, but then again if I had of done that I wouldn't have 'met' you lovely ladies!!

I'm definitely just going to class this as my pregnancy thread. Maybe when we fill this one up we should move it to an antenatal club thread?!

I've got 1.5 months worth of conception vitamins left so I will take them and them move on to whatever the midwife recommends afterwards! The seven seas ones I'm on are only about 4 quid for a months worth so not too bad, but obviously more expensive than normal vitamins!

I hope I don't get the sickness, but at the minute I am really wanting to feel some symptoms! I am tired, a bit nauseous on and off and very bloated. So it's not like I have nothing!

Sad for your friend Lady, can't blame her at all for being so cautious.

weebairn Sat 24-May-14 16:29:49

Oh yay Helen that's such brilliant news I am chuffed to bits for you, after all your patience and kindness and good sense it couldn't have happened to a lovelier person smile smile smile smile

And blimey, YES to the lucky thread! I'm not sure I'd even be pregnant if not for posting on here grin

Yeah avoid the pregnancy threads they are a bit crazy, and we have our own right here now anyway smile

As for your questions: NHS doesn't recommend anything except folic acid till 13 weeks and vitamin D throughout so that's all I took, cheaper than pregnancy vitamins; I did one more test because my first one was very faint (unlike yours which is so strong!) but never did a digital - it's not mandatory!; and my sickness/nausea/tiredness started 5 weeks this pregnancy and 7 weeks previous one - but I also know lots of (lucky) people who were never sick at all.

You have actually made my day with your news; so happy for you. Wow what a lot of babies coming our way!

Ladymillion Sat 24-May-14 13:43:43

Haha binky I was doing 3 at a time and comparing the darkness of each one! Crazy!

Helen I googled places near me and then asked a few girls who'd had early scans for their recommendations... Fortunately for me the place that sounded best is in the next street to where I work! So I've been there twice so far... Once at 8 weeks and then again at 11 weeks! My friend has been going there every single weekend since she got pregnant! Although her reasons are completely understandable.. Unfortunately she had a stillbirth previously and obviously the anxiety during this pregnancy has been ridiculous for her! She's full term now tho and having a c-section next weekend smile

mrshjb Sat 24-May-14 09:46:20

I am so tempted by the digi too! I have taken photos as well and the tests are currently all lined up on my bedside table like badges of honour!

Yeah I remember you saying something like that when Lady was going for hers. I'll probably speak to the midwife about it first because it'll be at least 8 weeks before it's worth going I think so plenty of time. I'm just reeeeeally wishing these next few weeks away!

When did the sickness disappear for you? From my app it seems to say you're safe if you get to the end of week 6 without getting it!

Haha I know, I'm sooo glad to have joined the club! My DH thinks I'm mad too. For ages I've been saying a girl on mumsnet is having her scan today, a girl on mumsnet said xyz etc etc...He was always like riiiiiiight! Men don't get it do they!!! smile

binkybunny Sat 24-May-14 09:18:20

H I did a few extra tests too and splashef out on a digi as I just wanted to see the word pregnant to make sure! I also took photos so I could remind myself blush

Just becareful choosing somewhere for a scan. My sonographer told me you dont have to be qualified to do the scans. Someone near me was using it at a too high frequency so make sure they are not just physios that have set up business. Theres another place near us and he used to work in the maternity ward at the hospital so we might go for an extra scn after 20 weeks just to see him/her again :-)

lady the thought of your poas montage makes me laugh everytime I think about it. DH thought I was losing it at 3!!!

Also thats rubbish about the sickess thing. Just be thankful you dont have it. I honestly dont know how I made it to work most mornings. I had lovely skin for a few weeks while I was sick but now look like a teenager. I do have nice rosy cheeks now though.

Aaargh I'm just soooo happy everyone has got a bfp now. Actually stupidly happy to DH's amusement!

mrshjb Sat 24-May-14 08:19:42

Morning! I phoned the Doctors yesterday and they gave me a number for the midwives. I rang but it said you have to leave a message and they ring you back the next day, so I'm guessing that they won't get back to me until Tuesday now!

I know what you mean Misskgb, I thin it's such a massive thing you get your head around it just realy doesn't feel really. I ended up doing another two tests this morning, an IC and a Tesco's own (which I think needs 20 of whatever the measure of hcg is as oppose to needing 10 like the other two that I did) and all of them came up bfps so I'm pretty confident that at this moment in time I am definitely pregnant!!

Thanks for the tip on Emma's Diary, I'll have a look now!

I don't know if I might end up having an 8 week scan, I'm not sure I can wait until 12 weeks! Did you just google a local place that does it Lady or did you ask your doctor/ midwife? I oppose the only thing that might reassure me is if I really start to feel pregnant! Who knows though!

Thanks binky smile

Ladymillion Fri 23-May-14 15:58:19

Misskgb yeah I agree, the early weeks are so strange and was so relieved to see a little blob at 8 weeks! I really didn't believe it was happening in there until then!

Helen I was doing daily pregnancy tests for a good few weeks after my BFP! I had bought a batch of about 50 off of eBay thinking I'd be TTC'ing for a while... Well I had about 45 left when I got my first BFP so I couldn't help but use them up hahaha blush

binkybunny Fri 23-May-14 13:01:57

Omg H congratulations! Just let out a squeel in the office. I am so pleased and excited for you grin Havent had time to read everything yet but will catch up later.

misskgb Fri 23-May-14 09:10:47

Morning! H I did a test at 3 and a half weeks because I feel really light headed, hot, dizzy and sick when I went to London so did one the day I got back. The line was definitely there although feint (about 3pm in the afternoon) so as it was a twin pack I did another the next morning before going to GP.

My midwife is on at GP surgery for about 3 hours a week so was good to book in with her for the 8 week appt early. It was her who booked me in for my first scan atho I had to wait til 13 weeks as I was in Wales.

The worst thing I found is that you tell your GP and have to wait another 4 or so weeks to see the midwife. You fill in a lot of forms and then have to wait another 4 weeks for a scan. The scan is the first confirmation after the bfp that you're pregnant- noone actually proves it to you before that so all these medical staff just take your word for it. I felt fairly alone during that time and freaked out that I was going to arrive at the scan for them to say there was no baby inside (not that I'd miscarried, just that it never existed). I'm not sure if other people felt similarly??

And no- definitely not on the pg threads, I like this one too much! :-) I've got the baby centre app too. You'll love all the foodstuff your little one is compared to in size. Mine apparently is an orange this week!! Sign up to Emma's Diary too (website, I don't like the app) as you get three different goody bags you collect from Boots or Argos with freebies in and also Argos vouchers for later on in pregnancy. Does anyone know of any other good sites or apps??

mrshjb Fri 23-May-14 07:52:38

Morning everyone! Thanks for the messages, it's so helpful being able to talk to people who have recently gone through the same thing isn't it!

I'm going to ring the doctors again today and see what they say. I've got an appointment on 2nd June about something else but don't really want to leave it for that long in case it delays my first midwife appointment.

I've read the rubbish about if you're not that sick your pregnancy isn't that strong too, which I know to be ridiculous because neither my mum or my sister had any morning sickness. Neither did my friend actually. And they were all fine. So far my skin is really clearing up, which I'm massively happy about. It was awful around ovulation time. My sister and friend both said that their skin was the best it has ever been during pregnancy, where as I have another friend whose skin was really bad. So you just don't know do you!

I'm really pleased about the late Jan/ early Feb birthday! I was born in August and it's beyond rubbish when you're growing up and you're the last to be able to do anything! DH's bday is early feb too so he might be in for a nice birthday present smile

Did anyone of you do any more tests than just the first one?! I've read people on here say they did them over the course of the first week just to make sure, but not sure I want the stress of it to be honest?! I'd like to see the 'pregnant' in writing but I'm not sure it's worth the money!!

I wish Binky and Kiki would hurry up and appear to congratulate me too!! Somehow being able to tell people on here makes up for the delay in being able to tell people in RL!! Xx

Lolly84 Thu 22-May-14 20:42:33

Helen sometimes I have moments where I forget I'm pregnant. Only reason I feel preg is cos now I have seen the baby. One thing I have learned that just because people don't get sick it doesn't mean it's not a strong pregnancy, that rubbish is all over the internet. I haven't experienced extreme symptoms just: sore boobs, extra migraines, food aversions, super hungry in the morning and slight stretching cramps. Stick to books or factual apps rather than threads. I wish I did that more.

I am glad I went to my doc as he put everything into action. Had midwife at 8 weeks and scan at exactly 12 weeks.

Wow I am just so excited for you. Ps All the best people are born in January hehe x

Ladymillion Thu 22-May-14 19:38:10

Oh and no it's not too early for the extreme tiredness... It might be minuscule but there's crazy massive changes going on in your body right now!

Ladymillion Thu 22-May-14 19:35:43

Oh and I was very anxious about miscarriage too - hence the early reassurance scans I booked! They helped me cope with my first trimester worries! To be honest the worry will never end now will it? I am slowly getting used to the feeling haha

Ladymillion Thu 22-May-14 19:32:10

I told a few friends straightaway too... I was so excited and I'd already been giving them a day-by-day account of TTC'ing so they were asking if I'd tested on a daily basis haha!

I've got the baby centre app too H, and the Sprout app AND the Pregnancy+ app! I love the little changes in the pictures each week smile

I don't think I'll 'feel' pregnant until I have a bump to be honest... But early symptoms for me were cramping (lots of), extreme tiredness and worsening acne! I can't complain - I haven't had the constant nausea that affects so many. Although I have random days where I feel almost virus-like symptoms (which I now think might be a side effect of constipation - had it pretty bad a few weeks ago confused)

mrshjb Thu 22-May-14 19:00:10

Oh yeah and I've had a brief look on the pregnancy threads and there is nooooo way I am joining. Too much talk of miscarriage, which to be honest I am already absolutely shitting myself about so I don't need to read about it on a daily basis. I need to stop myself from obsessively googling because I don't think it would do any good at all! Instead I've downloaded the babycenter app which has nice little facts and stuff every day. Today my baby is the size of a seseme seed haha!!

mrshjb Thu 22-May-14 18:55:49

Thanks misskgb! Haha yeah it was pretty mental really, I just knew that there was no way that I was going to go back to sleep so needed to get it done! I'm proper shattered today though, looking forward to an early night!!

Lolly thank you smile laughed at the out loud yaaaay!! Definitely a compliment that the are already worried about losing you!

Lady I definitely feel like I am in limbo land at the minute! I've already told my Mum, Sister and Dad and also my best friend. But they are the only people we are going to tell until the 12 week scan! Both my sister and best friend have had babies in the last 12 months so it will be good to have people in RL to talk to about symptoms etc and also if anything happened to the baby I'd end up wailing to my family so I thought there was no point in not telling them! My friend told me the day after she got her bfp too!

Yeah I was really confused about the dating thing as well. It seems mad that they randomly add 2 weeks on! I'm really glad that I was tracking ovulation because I can pretty confidently say that I am 4 weeks and a day today smile I did a due date calculator that takes in to account cycle length as well so hopefully it should be around right! I tried to ring the doctors this afternoon but they were closed for training! I'll just ring and ask for a midwife appointment. I'm not too fussed about seeing the doctor first because I don't think that there is much that they can say now! I'll probably just carry on taking the conception vitamins then because they have the right amount of folic acid in!

So when did you all start to feel pregnant?! I've definitely had symptoms but obviously it's very early days for the crazy tiredness or anything I think?!

Thanks again for the massive enthusiasm!!

Ladymillion Thu 22-May-14 18:41:03

H I remember it all feeling very strange and limbo-like at that point... Excited but way too early to start telling people; not actually believing it was real; cramping like AF was going to arrive any minute and just generally feeling odd haha!

I got my BFP at the beginning of March and had my first midwife app on the 21st. I went to Boots and bought some Pregnacare tablets (they contain extra vitamins and stuff as well as folic acid) but a lot of women just continue with the folic acid they were on whilst trying to conceive as that's what the NHS recommends. These extra vitamins and stuff are all a much of a muchness I think but I thought why not!

Don't forget that technically makes you 4 weeks-ish already - that really confused me at the start haha wink that's right ennit? I'm getting confused again confused

Lolly84 Thu 22-May-14 17:52:22

Omg omg omg came on to get a H update and what an update it is!

Helen I am sooooo pleased for you! I am sat with friends at work and let out a 'yayyy' .... Awkward haha!!

What an amazing thread eh??

I have told my boss and he was sooo happy for me which was nice. He is now just a bit concerned about replacing me. I think I will take that as a compliment. Can't wait to tell family next weekend!!

Happy days xx

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