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thread maxed out!!

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misskgb Tue 11-Mar-14 08:55:36

The 'Um hello newbie' thread has maxed out at 1000 messages so hoping we can find the people who were on there and continue where we left people welcome too!!

Ladymillion Thu 13-Mar-14 07:20:57

PS I'm too scared to think about the boy/girl thing, just hoping for a healthy embryo! I'd love a girl though blush

weebairn Thu 13-Mar-14 08:19:10

Hello! Nearly lost this thread. Just thought I'd come and say hi again. I'm 12 weeks tomorrow, which feels like a great milestone to get to. Tiredness and sickness have both got a lot better the last few days, thank god. Work has been such a ordeal. I managed not to have any sick days, but it has been really really hard. Boyfriend has been helping a lot with the toddler.

Got my scan a week today. Excited and a little nervous. Seems like such a long wait!

I don't think I have a preference for gender this time (last time I wanted a boy and got an awesome girl :D ) - we probably won't find out, we didn't last time either.

mrsb Sorry you've had such a rough time of it, that sounds awful. I've been nauseous for weeks on end but not actually vomiting. Hope you are starting to feel better. In my experience, first trimester is DEFINITELY the worst bit. (Last two or three weeks are pretty hideous too but at least everyone knows you're pregnant then and looks after you!)

helen glad you finally got your period! Wow what a wait…. hope things settle down for you this cycle!

Kiki glad you're starting to feel better. First trimester is no joke! I am also shitting myself about twins. I just have no idea how you would do twins & toddler - I would never work again! Still I have no bump yet and I think you get that early with twins! I feel a little bigger in the evenings but I am still in my normal clothes - last time I was for quite a while - till about 20 weeks I think - but I had lots of friends who were in maternity clothes from 5 or 6 weeks, and they didn't get particularly big over the whole pregnancy. It's all very random! I am too superstitious to get my box of mat clothes down from on top of the cupboard until a bit later!! :D

Hazelbrowneyes Thu 13-Mar-14 08:45:30

Ah H I am SO pleased you’re on CD2 today! Brilliant news. grin

I’m using OPKs in the afternoon. It’s working well for me. I tend to get home around 5ish so I have my last drink and wee at work around 3.30/4pm then I wait until 5.30/6pm before I PIAC. Yesterday’s line was definitely darker than the day before but still not quite as dark as the control line. I am only CD11 though.

Temping as well although I’m a bit clueless as to what I’m doing there!

I’m feeling pretty good actually. I’ve got a stressful few months ahead and I’m worried about falling pregnant in that time and the stress making me mc so I’m very much if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. I do feel better now I’m doing my OPKs, mainly because I should have a better idea as to when AF/BFP will arrive.

I’m eating better and drinking less too. I’m considering cutting out booze altogether. I had a few glasses of cava last night and woke up at 3am with horrendous palpitations and reflux. Same happened Sunday (when I last had a drink). I just can’t be bothered to deal with that.

lalanic Thu 13-Mar-14 14:02:23

Helen the thought of you breaking open bottle to celebrate made me smile but it's totally understandable! I would go with the idea of taking it easy and seeing what happens, the doctors say it is better to dtd every 2 days through month rather than focus only on ovulation.

Kiki let us know how you get on - how very exciting!

Lady totally agree about the smiley face ones - they made me feel like I'd just won a prize or something!

Those of you who are pregnant how long after you were due did you get a bfp result?

lalanic Thu 13-Mar-14 14:05:03

Weebairn I didn't see your message - good luck to you too for scan! Must finally feel real smile

misskgb Thu 13-Mar-14 17:02:58

Yaaaaaaay helen!!! Doing a little dance for u!! Id go with every 2-3 days throughout if u can. Worked for me :-)

Lalanic-I was due on the Friday but had awful nausea so poas on sunday n got a feint but definitely there line. Told dh I needed to know to help me cope with the nausea!!!

Always thought id want a boy (im not girly in the slightest) but my niece is now 2 n has taught me girls aint so bad. Also thought I wouldn't find out what we're having but considering it now as I want to go n buy lots of beautiful clothes n bits so that its not always in beige when it arrives!

binkybunny Thu 13-Mar-14 19:18:30

Hi all. Yay to Helen and damn right on the Prosecco!

weebairn glad to hear you are feeling better. Thought I was too but sick all day yesterday and fell asleep at my desk this afternoon blush You must be so so excited for your scan mines two weeks today!

Kiki whens your scan? I'm on my phone so cant scroll back.

lalanic I tested 3 days before af due and got a bfn then tested exactly a week after bfn and got 3 bfps smile

We are convinced we're having a boy but at the moment I'll just be happy with either. Have not stressed too much as we had a 6 week scan but now 12 weeks is getting closer I'm scared my little tadpole won't have grown!

binkybunny Thu 13-Mar-14 19:22:23

kiki just seen your scan is tomorrow so excited for you, let us know how it goes!!!

binkybunny Thu 13-Mar-14 19:22:28

kiki just seen your scan is tomorrow so excited for you, let us know how it goes!!!

lalanic Thu 13-Mar-14 19:52:50

The sickness sounds awful - I'm praying if I get pregnant it won't be bad enough to not be able to look after my animals as I can't afford to pay someone to do it! Are you actually physically sick or is it nausea?

It's lovely to hear you all getting excited about your scans :-)

I'm hoping my lack of af is a positive, been 6 days now. Mum's told me to try to not think about it (as if!).

Hope scans all go OK xx

Lolly84 Thu 13-Mar-14 20:54:54

Good luck lalanic!

Glad to hear AF has arrived Helen.

Having a dramatic 2ww, well it's 2ww for AF as don't think we dtd too early this month, meant to do it after smiley face but DH was under a lot of pressure with work. In a way it feels nice to not symptom spot.

So my drama... Was in a car crash last night after work, what a fright I got. A lady drove straight into me at a round about. No one was seriously hurt and feel really lucky. Car is probably a write off. Xx

lalanic Thu 13-Mar-14 21:30:23

lolly that's awful how scary! So glad you're OK x

mrsb87 Fri 14-Mar-14 07:46:28

Oh dear lolly I hope you're not hurt? Someone did the same to me a couple of years ago, I was shaken up for a good few days. I'd just had a new battery, tyres and wipers fitted and I was on my way back from picking it up hmm.

Good luck for your scan today kiki, I hope everything goes well and your little bean is growing nicely.

lalanic a lot of women get just nausea or sickness at certain times of the day or if they smell things that don't agree with them. My sense if smell has gone into hyper drive but since Sunday I seem to be coping with it better. Hyperemesis is quite rare so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

1 week til scan!

Waves to everyone helen weebairn binks misskgb

mrshjb Fri 14-Mar-14 09:01:09

Morning everyone!

Kiki, let us know how your scan goes smile Mrsb, bet you can't wait for yours!

Lolly, hope you're ok, being on the road with other complete idiots is so scary sometimes isn't it. I think I would be so nervous driving a child around!

Lalanic- I hate the try to relax or not think about it advice. As well as these people mean, it's such useless advice isn't it! I prefer practical, realistic advice!!

Hope all you pregnant people who are feeling a bit ropey start to feel better soon. Does the nice weather and a bit of fresh air help at all?

Haha glad the Prosecco thing made you all laugh. Suppose you don't need too much of a reason to drink a bottle! Keep thinking we need to get rid of all our wine before I can't drink it....!!! (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) Yeah I have decided to do the OPKs just for curiosity really, but will be DTD every 2-3 days and will continue throughout the cycle even if I get a positive because I still think they might lie to me! Hope things are more normal this cycle but can't be too sure!

Anyways Happy Friday everyone smile

KikiThePea Fri 14-Mar-14 12:41:56

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well - particularly you, Lolly - that crash sounds horrendous!

Just got back from the scan - amazing! Also I apparently have the wriggliest baby the sonographer has ever seen - seriously, the little bean looked like it was competing in gymnastics; legs and arms flying everywhere.

Aside from its inability to sit still....everything looks perfect and we've now been given a due date of September 23rd. We thought we were at 12 +2, and baby is the size of a 12+3 bean. Next scan all being booked for around 29th April and we walked away (within half an hour!) with three lovely little photos.

Importantly there was only one baby in there - the look on DH's face when he realised was one of utter relief! Haha!

mrshjb Fri 14-Mar-14 13:19:22

Aww amazing news smile So glad it went so well and that there is only one baby in there!!! September is a great birthday too smile Congratulations!

binkybunny Fri 14-Mar-14 13:19:59

Awww Kiki I'm so happy for you that must have been such an amazing experience. It nearly made me cry! I am so pleased its all good for you- and theres only one grin

mrsb87 Fri 14-Mar-14 13:26:25

Ah that's such great news kiki! You've made me really excited about mine now! I'm glad everything is looking in the right place and all healthy. I bet you're feeling relieved?

lalanic Fri 14-Mar-14 18:26:37

Ahhh so lovely! So glad your scan went well! :-D

Thistledew Fri 14-Mar-14 18:44:35


I'm a new newbie.

I have been lurking a bit on the last thread and thought I might as well come crawling out of the woodwork.

DH and I decided at the beginning of this year to have a go at starting a family. TBH, I am in complete denial about it - I do definitely want to have children and I'm not getting any younger (34) and now is as good a time as any (and DH is really broody grin) but I have to confess that I have never really felt all that broody.

Anyhoo. So I stopped taking the pill at the end of January. Had a withdrawal bleed, and we are now half way through March and I haven't yet had a period.

I am about 80% sure that I am not pregnant now - what with a combination of both DH and I being ill, busy with work and trips away, we have only DTD about once a week since I came off the pill.

So lack of period is more likely to be settling down from the pill or some sort of issue, isn't it? I have had a couple of days when I thought AF was going to come on - slight ache in my abdomen, and I had a couple of days of spotting. I even went out and drank a bit too much wine the other night, so I had better not be P. blush

misskgb Fri 14-Mar-14 21:56:56

Hi thistle. It can take a while for af to come back n even when it does, it can take a lot longer to settle down. Until its settled it can be difficult to work out where u r in ur cycle. Give it time :-)

Sounds beautiful kiki!

Ladies I need your advice. Feeling very tired atm. Trying to eat regularly n get what I need from food but thought about taking something in addition to folic acid. Confused by everything on the shelf so asked the pharmacist. She said not to take anything just yet n not to have iron before 12 weeks. Are any of u pg ladies taking anything? ?

mrsb87 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:09:45

Just the pregnacare misskgb, I was taking prgnacare conception before bfp and after just to finish the packet.

Well a step back for me tonight, after an iffy afternoon of heartburn and severe nausea I vommed this evening sad. Feeling pretty rough again. Oh well I had a good run of 5 full days vom free.

Hi thistle! From what I've read from other ladies on here it can take several months for your cycle to find it's feet again.

Lolly84 Fri 14-Mar-14 23:07:37

Thanks for your messages ladies, will be back soon. Hopefully to some bfp's xx

Gennz Sat 15-Mar-14 02:04:16

hi thistle - I am the same, not v broody at all (I'm 32) but I assume I will be once I'm knocked up (or at least once a baby arrives?!)

I'm in the 2ww at the moment, 5dpo... my cycles have been all over the show since I got my IUD out so I won't be sure exactly when I'm late, if I am... I felt a bit nauseous this morning which was odd, and having a few other potential symptoms but who knows. Bring on next week I say!

lalanic Sat 15-Mar-14 07:34:00

Hi thistle it took 3 months for my periods to come back after stopping pill. From speaking to others it varies from person to person. Worst thing is to be advised to relax but tbh that's the best thing to do as if you stress it can affect your cycle.

Welcome to the thread!

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