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An oldie but hasn't a!

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RelaxinRadox Mon 10-Mar-14 20:26:27

Hiya...I'm a 41 year old woman who separated from my EA partner 7 months ago. I've been internet dating and met a nice chap. We are not ttc yet and we dtd on 7th February on day 12. We used withdrawal. I normally ovulate around day 13. I had a swab taken on the 18th as Ive had recurrent thrush. The day after, exactly on time, my af arrived. It was normal where i bled for 5 days. I then started spotting a week later and have been ever since. Ive felt sick and had flutterings in tum. Ive been on amoxocillin for an infection and put it down to that. However, i just feel pregnant!
My af is due in 4 days. I did a CB digital today and it said not pregnant. Took it apart and very faint line. Ive used 4 other varying tests and all negative.
Could i still be pregnant even though the last time i dtd was on the 7th February and I had a period following that?
Sorry to sound so naive but my new chap is working away and I want to make sure before he returns.
Thank you in advance.

willitbe Mon 10-Mar-14 20:49:05

Digital tests always have two lines! No point in taking them apart.

So your tests are all negative.

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