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Implantation cramps

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Ajords1 Mon 10-Mar-14 14:59:03

Hello, can someone that has experienced implantation pain tell me what it feels like and when it happened? Thanks in advance.

MabelMay Mon 10-Mar-14 16:16:48

Hi Ajords, for me - this time around - the implantation cramps were pretty strong. I was convinced my period was about to start (this was on CD29 and CD30, I have a 30 day cycle). They were strong enough for me to want to get a hot water bottle, some paracetamol and curl up on the sofa.
However, I don't remember them being that strong in other pregnancies, but my memory is not that good. For some it's just twinges and stretching feelings. But for me those happen after implantation, when the uterus starts to grow and stretch to accommodate the fetus.
But everyone is different. How strong are your cramps?

Ajords1 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:37:44

Hi mabelmay thanks for getting back to me. I'm CD19 and have been having quite sharp twinges very low down followed by really dull ache as though AF coming. AF not due until 9 days so just a little curious as to whether this could be an implantation pain........

gozo23 Mon 10-Mar-14 18:08:27

Had them during my last (positive) IVF cycle. Just like the start of AF pains - as they are gearing up to get going properly. Lasted a few hours.

Ajords1 Mon 10-Mar-14 18:14:33

Thanks Gozo - this had been most of the day hmm not sure if it's possible to have implantation on CD19....

Ajords1 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:04:30

Cramping all but stopped now. Feel slightly queasy but don't know if that's just classic symptom spotting /wishful thinking. Still seem to have a bit of CM (not EWCM) sorry if TMI.......I hate the 2ww. If AF due 19th and IF implantation started/happened on 10th when is the soonest a sensitive test would show??

Tranquilitybaby Wed 12-Mar-14 14:37:19

I had pain yesterday on CD21. Felt like AF pains. Haven't got it today though. X

Ajords1 Wed 12-Mar-14 15:46:28

Fx'd it's a good sign for us both, but my automatic reaction is to think im out. Think it's less disappointing that way somehow

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