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ivf a week ago - boobs no longer sore: a bad sign?

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muttleydosomething Mon 10-Mar-14 12:22:47

I had a blastocyst transfer on Sunday. I didn't place too much weight on the fact that I got sore boobs following that, as I thought it might just be the hormones in the pessaries you have to use. But now my boobs just aren't feeling sore any more, and I am getting worried that my embryos have disappeared. I can't do my pregnancy test for 4 more days. Anyone got a (reassuring?) similar tale?

moggle Mon 10-Mar-14 12:31:27

My boobs were bigger and sore for about 10 days after the trigger shot, then the soreness left although they stayed big. I too was worried but I got a bfp yesterday at 8dp5dt (but my official test date is Wednesday). It may be the hormones from the trigger shot leaving your body. Good luck it is a total head f*ck this whole process!

muttleydosomething Mon 10-Mar-14 18:02:57

Thankyou so much for your words of wisdom moggle, and total congratulations on your bfp as well! This will help me sleep a bit better tonight, which has got to be the way to go to help those little guys/gals.

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