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For anyone TTC!!! :)

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1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 10:47:02

Hi I'm TTC my 2nd baby n so far 4 failed attempts! sad thought it would be nice to share experiences with others TTC and then hopefully celebrate with ppl when they get their BFP! AF is due tomorrow for attempt no. 5 so keeping my fingers crossed! How long have you been trying?? X

littlemisswine Mon 10-Mar-14 10:58:41

hi princess were on cycle 4, I had some bleeding last weekend so not sure if it was a very early af on days 15 to 18 or ovulation bleeding

have you done any early tests or are you holding off?

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 11:24:53

I'm holding off to test first thing tomorrow as my cycle is usually 31days but last month was 29 so assuming it's going to be 29 again I'd be due on tomorrow, however if it's gone back to 31 I wouldn't be due on till Thursday so if I wait till tomorrow it should pick it up either way. If tht makes sense! I hate the wait! N even more hate the disappointment when it doesn't happen! Was the bleeding heavy? Have you heard of implantation bleeding? As it could be that. So when is AF due fr you? X

littlemisswine Mon 10-Mar-14 11:30:04

we dtd 3 days before so id say its too early for implantation. wasnt heavy but definitely noticeable everytime I wiped for the 3 days

im testing tomorrow as have a mri scan but doubt it will be positive as my cycles were around 29 days and tomorrow is 23 but thought id do one just incase

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 11:34:59

Wouldn't it be lovely if we both get a BFP tomorrow! smile what number baby is this for you? X

ZoBo1234 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:45:45

Hi ladies. My husband and I have been ttc for 6 months, had an early miscarriage in dec. I was due on af last Wednesday. I've been getting some thick brown bloody discharge for last couple days but no pain or discomfort and normally suffer badly from periods. My boobs are very sore and as hubby describes them 'bright blue spaghetti junction' as they are also very veiny. I'm also extremely tired. First month with these symptoms although when testing I get BFN sad I'm hoping I just ovulated slightly later than normal and so there's still chance of BFP!!

Good luck to you both xx

littlemisswine Mon 10-Mar-14 11:48:57

this will be our 2nd. we have a little boy whos just turned 2, we were very lucky and conceived him on our 2nd month of ttc

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 11:52:31

Aww how exciting and good luck! There is hope! Firstly my
Mum got a BFN when she fell pregnant with me! Altho this was 26 years ago the basics of the tests haven't changed ie looking for pregnancy hormone and when it's there the line shows! Secondly my friend is also trying and she bought ovulation sticks and is actually ovulating 5 days off what they'd usually predict! Wen was the last time you tested? X

littlemisswine Mon 10-Mar-14 11:54:10

Because of the bleeding im still doing ovulation tests incase it was an early af, I might start doing both tests together just to add to my piac addiction! !

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 11:55:16

What were ur early pregnancy symptoms with your little boy? Did you have many symptoms before you tested? My daughter was a bit of a surprise after me and my partner not being careful just once! But once was all it took! Now 5 months of trying and nothing! It's so fustrating! X

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 11:58:09

What does piac stand for?

littlemisswine Mon 10-Mar-14 12:01:21

peeing in a cup!

I didnt have any with ds, did a test 4 days before af was due just tested because I was impatient!

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 12:16:19

Ye because I wasn't thinking about a baby it wasn't untill I was 3 days late that I thought about it, I remember having period pains like normal, and my boobs hurt a lil more than usual and needing to pee more than often but that all started a couple day after AF due. I don't feel pregnant but my hope is hanging on to the fact I usually get pink discharge anything from 1-3 days before AF and I've not had that yet! :s however if this cycle has gone back to 31 days that may not have happened yet sad oooooh the wait! Lol xx

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 13:05:46

Lol at the PIAC addition! I agree tho so easy to get carried away! If this month is a no baby month I'm going to Invest in some ovulation sticks too! Have you used them for long? Are you taking any vitamins? X

clairewright32 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:41:49

Hi this is my first month of trying 7 years since my son was born. I am due my Af tomorrow but on Saturday night when I was at the toilet there was pink blood on the toilet tissue. The same in the morning then it was dark brown it has now stopped. Saturday was day 12 past ovulation. My boobs are sore when I pinch them did a text this morning was a bfn so I don't know if I should wait and test tomorrow again or wait. What do you all think x

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 14:32:22

Hi Claire! I get that pink discharge before AF but it doesn't stop just turns in a full blown period! I know a lot of people experience spotting when pregnant either when they are due on or implantation bleeding. So you could be. What test did you use and did you test first thing in the morning? X

toothachereturns Mon 10-Mar-14 14:43:44

hi there. dh and I have been ttc simce having the mirena removed on 6th Feb. dont even know if ive had a cycle yet. lots of bleeding within a couple of days of having removed (fairly common I suppose) then positive opks for 9-10 days from end Feb until sat 8th March (wtf?)! hmm
So.... who knows! I'm going on the assumption that I have ovulated early last week... and I think my af would be due at the end of this week.

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 15:03:05

Sorry I'm rubbish with the abbreviation what's opks? X

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 15:13:15

Right I've got it! Ovulation prediction kits! Did you dtd regularly through the 9 days it was saying your were ovulating through? 9 days is a long time you're going to end up with octuples!! Lol x

toothachereturns Mon 10-Mar-14 15:16:31

lol I know!!! Much to Dhs delight we dtd alot.... it was also our honeymoon at the end of Feb. wink

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 15:22:32

Aww lush so maybe a honeymoon baby?! When are you going to test? X

toothachereturns Mon 10-Mar-14 15:58:24

Going to test on Saturday am. smile

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 16:11:27

So exciting!! Keep us updated!! Fingers crossed for a BFP!
I'm testing tomorrow am and it can't come quick enough but just don't want a negative sad xx

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 16:12:21

So exciting!! Keep us updated!! Fingers crossed for a BFP!
I'm testing tomorrow am and it can't come quick enough but just don't want a negative sad xx

toothachereturns Mon 10-Mar-14 16:23:22

VERY exciting! And terrifying!! ooooh good luck tomorrow. I'll be checking for updates!

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