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TTC 1st for 7 months - 4 days late, BFN, no symptoms?

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eversoslightly Sat 08-Mar-14 03:55:29


I am 33, we have been ttc now for 7 months (this is the 7th cycle). I usually have 29 - 31 day cycles. The longest I have been was 33 days which was horribly disappointing as it was our 2nd month ttc. I am so incredibly frustrated and sad that it just doesn't seem to be happening for us! Am I too old?

Anyway, this month I have tried so so very hard not to symptom spot or even to think about it. I even put off buying a test until my other half came home with one today! I am 4 days late for my period (cd 34). The test was a BFN sad I have no symptoms really (some slight nipple sensations and small abdominal cramps, but I get those before af anyway albeit usually a lot more).

I have checked my cervix and it's medium high, closed, and quite hard. Before af it is usually low and smooshy.

I don't know if I ovulated. Usually it happens around cd 18 - 19. When we first started ttc I used opk's to measure this and realised I usually get ramps, moodiness, and itchy skin around this time too. All of which I've had this month. But I got egg white cervical mucus on the actual day I was due to come on which did make me think perhaps I ovulated really late, hence the no show of af.

This is driving me a little insane now and really starting to feel that my body is out to get me.

Is there any chance? I sort of feel as though I will 'know' when it happens, and would feel at least some small symptoms. But I feel nothing and actually feel like I can't possibly be, especially with this bfn.

eversoslightly Sat 08-Mar-14 12:28:29

Bump x

Chosenbyyou Sat 08-Mar-14 13:11:21

Hi Hun,

Feel for you, it is hard going trying month to month and getting AF. You are not too old, please don't think that.

Are you getting a + on the opk's? Where I don't think I ov'd (after a mmc) cycle was 5 days longer than normal because I think my body was confused that it waited a little longer.

I would set a date that you are willing to try until and then book an appt with docs for bloods, just gives you some reassurance things are as expected, sounds positive thou as you are normally regular?

Also, have you tried a variation on the SMEP that suits you guys? We didn't do the full SMEP but dtd every other day from cd 10 and then the eve + opk and the day after. Took a few months of this routine.

With the positive, I think everyone is different when it shows up. I got a very faint line the day after AF was due and no real symptoms.

I have been trying overall for 10 months, with one mmc.

Hope this is helpful xx

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