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Think I've missed this months window.

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Sleepingstarsmommy Fri 07-Mar-14 15:23:09

On cycle 4 TTC following my sons still birth last September. First 3 cycles was temping and using clear blue (and IC) opks. Always got my positive opk on cd16 and was following the smep. But no BFP.

This cycle was determined to take a more relaxed approach and hadn't bothered temping or opks until yesterday (cd14) my stash of IC were too hard to resist and was positive. That's 2 days early shock

Hadn't dtd since cd12. Didn't think this was a problem as I expected to ov over the weekend and planned for a dtdathon when DH was not at work. But because DH has been doing crazy 13 hours shifts at work and has been coming home exhausted I would ov early hmm Didn't have the heart to tell him about positive opk as he would have obliged and he was literally dead on his feet. Did manage to dtd this morning but my opk was negative so really think we've missed this cycle.

Will now spend the 2ww kicking myself for not following smep. The more relaxed approach has not had the desired effect of being less stressful.
Instead feel sad and angry in equal measures.

Not sure what the point of my post is apart from venting my frustration at this TTC malarkey. I swear it is driving me crazy confused

Chosenbyyou Fri 07-Mar-14 15:47:00


So so sorry to hear about you son, I can't begin to understand you pain sad

In my experience, I had mmc at 12wks in sept and I am quite sure the next 3 months I didn't ov, just a hunch but my cycles were much longer. To be honest I got obsessed with the timings since sept, trying every day, day of + opk and miss and then ddt. I think I was desperately trying to find the golden answer or some exact mix that would work!

Also, I got very silently angry when DH was unavailable on my exact scheduled day! Didn't say but deep down I was gutted even though it wasn't his fault.

To be honest I now think the timings and things were just symptoms of my sadness and grief that I didn't have what I had really wanted. Not saying this is you Hun but just my experience.

It is hard to say if dtd morning after the + is going to be the right time but I really hope it is Hun.


Sleepingstarsmommy Fri 07-Mar-14 19:21:57

Thanks Chosen.

My cycles went back to normal fairly quickly and think I have been ovulating if the opks and temping is anything to go by.

Your probably right about this being a grief reaction. This was my 4th loss but the first 3 had been in the first trimester. In all 4 pregnancies I caught on my first cycle but this time around Im currently on my 4th cycle. I know that isn't long but I had a very nasty infection (unidentified) that triggered premature labour and that is what is listed as my sons cause of death on the post mortem. Just starting to panic that the infection has caused some damage and that's why I am not conceiving now.

DH in fairness has gone along with what ever whim I have come up with no matter how much money my POAS obsession, cough medicine, acupuncture, vitamins etc had cost or how ridiculous they probably are he even joined in the upside down cycling

Oh well. Not a lot I can do this cycle now so will just have to wait and see. Will resume smep with military precision next cycle if we are not lucky this month.

MabelMay Fri 07-Mar-14 19:41:56

sleepingstars - first of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your stillbirth. I had two miscarriages last year so understand a just a little of what you're going through.

Secondly, don't despair. It's better to dtd too early than too late. We dtd at least two days before I ovulated last cycle, and then we were both just too shattered to do it afterwards. Thought I was out for that cycle, but two days after AF due I got a very unexpected BFP. So you never know. The sperm can stay in your tubes for days.
Good luck.

Sleepingstarsmommy Fri 07-Mar-14 20:35:16

Thanks Mabel.

You're right. Tuesday night might just have done it!! It's not over until the witch arrives.

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