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TTC age 40. Any success stories??

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Taperjeangirl73 Fri 07-Mar-14 15:03:14

Hi all. Newbie here. To cut a long story short, been married 10 years, actively tried ttc after 1st year. No joy so just had very basic tests. DH diagnosed with problematic Motility & Morphology but we were told not a huge problem. Kinda left it there as we began an Adoption process & just thought both would happen eventually. So didn't actively try or prevent for the next few years. Fast forward to now, had to leave Adoption process after so long due to closure of countries. Now I'm 40 & we just thought around 9 months ago to give it a good shot trying actively as it definitely feels like we're in the last chance Saloon. No joy yet Im afraid. Feeling quite down right now & in desperate need to hear anyone that has been successful at this age & trying long term. Trying to be positive but it feels easier said than done. Appreciate any advice or info ladies. Thanks.

jass43 Fri 07-Mar-14 19:51:43

a special 40+ thread is somewhere in is section, and it has plenty of women older than you are trying and getting there. But with tour history i guess if you really want to use your last chance as you say, a good fertility clinic is a must. You have tries so long without success, and it might be something easy to fix. Turn every stone if you really want this to happen!

Taperjeangirl73 Sat 08-Mar-14 06:41:01

Thanks for reply Jass43. I've now seen another thread, going to join in a bit. Yes, we are heading for Fertility Clinic in 2 weeks. I guess I just wanted to hear that others have had their successes. Thanks so much.

tigger8 Sun 09-Mar-14 14:30:57

Hi there, similar story to yours.....morphology issues with DH.....15 yrs later and one adopted daughter later (who is now 7) fell pregnant at 39 with my now 19mth old DD. I have just found out that I am pregnant again after a miscarriage in January. Fingers crossed this is a sticky one. I am 42 next month. So, here is a success story. Both DH and I keep fit and lost lots of weight. We take a good supplement too. I am sure all of the aforementioned helped us. All the best.

Taperjeangirl73 Sun 09-Mar-14 14:59:22

Wow Tigger8, that really is a success story! Thank you so much for replying & sharing your journey with me. I am very sorry for your recent loss & I'll keep everything crossed for you with your new pregnancy. You're so blessed with your two DD's after all that time....this is very uplifting to read. DH is now on a good male supplement & I'm taking Folic Acid & doing a bit of research into what extras I should be reaching for. I always feel there's hope & hate giving in to down moments but I guess turning 40 a few months ago just kind of stunned me seeing how quick the decade went & still no little family. However, your story has definitely given me a shot in the arm so, thank you. Very grateful. Healthy & happy 9 months to you.

lindamagoo Sun 09-Mar-14 15:26:31

Hi, I was 37 before I managed to fall pregnant (naturally) after years of hormone problems it just suddenly happened, when ds was 4 months old we started trying again, took a year but at 39 I fell pregnant again and was 40 when ds2 came along and here we are again about to ttc #3 and I'm almost 43 now so good luck to you and fx it all works out well smile

Tranquilitybaby Mon 10-Mar-14 09:22:07

I've recently read of success stories from older woman exercising for 30 mins daily and going on a strict but balanced diet. Good luck

NutcrackerFairy Mon 10-Mar-14 11:15:11

Hi, lovely to hear all these success stories.

I am 40 and trying to conceive. I got pregnant last year at 39 yo but unfortunately had a MMC discovered at 12 week scan sad... I have now been to a fertility clinic and told my amh is very low [0.9] which means my ovarian reserve is very low.
But Dr told me it is still possible and I am starting on clomid next month as he said that with a low ovarian reserve I may not be ovulating every month....

Good luck Taper and anyone else 40 plus who is trying to get pregnant [and stay pregnant!].

Taperjeangirl73 Mon 10-Mar-14 12:32:40

Thanks for sharing your stories ladies.@lindamagoo, that's amazing you have your two DC, best of luck with ttcing, hope to hear of good news for you around these boards. @tranquilitybaby, thanks for the info, I've recently started doing brisk walks everyday as I've heard that can help but rigorous excercise is detrimental sometimes.@nutcrackerfairy, so sorry to read of your loss, I have friends go through it & it's tough, good luck with the Clomid...I'm sure I'll be prescribed same once we attend the clinic. Palmfuls of BD to you all trying! Feeling hopeful again girls...cheers.

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