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Some advice please - confused about signs

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RH11 Fri 07-Mar-14 10:29:01

Hi everyone,

I need some help please!!!

I came off the pill just under a month ago. Last Saturday (today is Friday) I went to the loo and when I wiped (I'm sorry for the details here!!! TMI I know but I am confused!!) it was creamy light pink. I googled and assumed this was implantation bleeding. I have tested and it has come back negative.

Could this have been anything other than implantation bleeding - I have never had this before even when I wasn't on the pill. And also when do you think I can test? I'm not sure in my cycle length as have only just stopped the pill.

Any help would be really good!


blamber Fri 07-Mar-14 13:33:15


First of all, as you have just stopped the pill it may take a while for your period to start again.

Secondly, implantation bleeds are more rare that you think. It is more likely that spotting is for another reason. Perhaps you are starting your period, which would be good news! Perhaps you are getting some spotting due to ovulation.

Thirdly, even if it was implantation, it takes at least 3-4 days after that for the hormones to show up on a pregnancy test.

Point is, you just can't know what it is. Give some time for your period to return and don't waste your money on tests just yet!

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