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Ugh hate pregnancy tests!!

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Bangonthedoor Fri 07-Mar-14 06:28:17

Soo...I don't think I've ever been so confused over the results of a pregnancy test!

AF was due on Wednesday so 2 days late if nothing appears today. Took x2 Lloyd's pharmacy blue due tests on Wednesday. 1 in the afternoon which came up negative, the 2nd which I took at about 9pm initially was negative then looking at it the next morning there was a very faint blue line. Possibly an evap after looking at it the next morning?

So bought x2 sainsburys tests yesterday. One didn't work, just didn't show anything up so felt slightly cheated there! Then took the 2nd at about 2:30pm and a very faint line showed up but it was there pretty much straight away. This couldn't be another evap line could it?!

So still confused I took a clear blue one late last night with whatever urine I could squeeze out - no line so negative.

Saved the clear blue digital one for this mornings wee....not pregnant.

What does everyone think? I've never been so confused! Are blue dyes generally better or worse than pink or are they generally the same? And how common are evap lines?? Could I have got 2?!

Tia x

Adiltam2 Fri 07-Mar-14 06:32:57

I think if the digital is negative with first morning wee then you probably aren't pregnant. Evap lines are pretty common in my experience.

Nessalina Fri 07-Mar-14 06:38:56

IMO evap lines happen but they're not super common, and it's odd to get more than one. Both my BFPs started out as tests that looked like evap lines, and went on to be positive a day or two later.
Firstly, you're using quite cheap tests, and they're not that strong, even the CB digis are reliable, but weak. Go out and by a First Response Early Response - they're the best.
Second, you're not always using FMU. Tests in the afternoon when your HCG levels would be low anyway are only going to disappoint you!
Thirdly, it's still early. The fact that AF is late is the best thing going for you here, but if you implanted late, HCG may still be at very low levels, too low for weak tests.
So! Buy a FRER. Test tomorrow morning. Bet you're pregnant smile

cookielove Fri 07-Mar-14 09:10:06

Blue dye is more likely to give you an evaporation line, I would test with a pink dye test much more accurate, also digitals are less sensitive.

Good luck and test with fmu!

Missmc14 Fri 07-Mar-14 15:15:51

Im having exact same thing my sainsburys test had a line but it was some hours later evap line I'm guessing.
Hope yours is a positive will keep fingers crossed

Bangonthedoor Fri 07-Mar-14 15:24:05

Thanks for all replies smile

I've started to spot today, so guessing AF on her way just a little late!

So just for future, are blue dye tests
Quite common for evap lines? I have gotten all my previous BFP's on Lloyd's pharmacy '+' tests so just did the same!

It's really not as easy as poas is it?!

cookielove Fri 07-Mar-14 15:30:12

Oh POAS is a pain in the arse unless you get a very obvious 2nd line. When i thought i might late last year, i used sainsburys test, and both a clear line but very thin, and it was like the dye had bled and run across the test a bit. I thought i was, but thank god i wasn't.

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