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I dont understand my cycle / opk's help please.

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nicx240187 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:32:48

Right then, we have been ttc for a while (a number of months)
I have a 35 day cycle, use opk's monthly and have never had any real success, i seemed to get an increase of lines around cd23 then they drop off again (all apps say i should be around cd24 also)
but the lines never seem to hit their peak. Then they drop off all together. I usually give up and stop testing.

This month (i dont know why) i kept testing and today 29 the line is creeping back again. I shall keep testing for the next couple of days to see whats happening.

Have i possibly not ovulated yet? If i was to ovulate now im only 7 days away from af being due. Therefore if i were to keep ttc now would anything even be viable?? as there wouldnt be time to implant etc would there??

Just wondering as guess this could explain some of the issues we have been having ttc'ing.

Is there anyone out there that ovulated very late in their cycle where you resulted in a successful pregnancy?

ahhhhh, why is the body such a strange thing???

Roseandmabelshouse Thu 06-Mar-14 11:36:23

Just have sex and enjoy! See what happens in a few months. I'm convinced that not having this sort of pressure makes things easier - It should be fun !

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