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All the symptoms but no BFP - help!

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misstiggiwinkle Wed 05-Mar-14 12:18:46

Morning all,

Thats just it, I'm technically late today but I POAS this morning and got a BFN...

We started trying in October after coming off the pill that I'd been on for 10+ years. After a little while of faffing around my cycle settled down to 32 days. Following a few cycles of unsucessful attempts a GP girlfriend advised using Preseed and DTD ever 2-3 days throughout my cycle. So off we diligently went!

I think I ovulated at around CD17-19 which is when expected (not using OPKs) and due to some cramping we threw in a few extra DTD's for luck at that time.

I have then sat patiently, not POAS or massively symptom spotting totally symptom spotting and driving myself nuts for my 2ww, until this morning. Today is when I'm CD33 and AF is due. No sign of her yet so I nervously and totally overxcitedly hot footed it to the bathroom this morning and POAS, knowing that the first pee of the day is the best.

And then nothing... A BFN starred right back at me. I was gutted. I totally thought that this month we'd cracked it, we'd done everything we'd been told to. And I had ALL the symptoms - nausea, dizzyness, extremely sensitive nipples, swollen boobs (to the point a friend asked if I'd had some 'work' - NO! I proudly said and walked away convinced they were 'pregnant boobs'!). I can smell EVERYTHING, I'm peeing all the time and more than anything I'm absolutley exhausted, to the point that Ive been falling asleep on the bus home at night, something I never do.

So please help (and sorry for the essay) but am I just being impatient and my BFP will come in the next few days or is that it, I'm out of the race for this month?

Metalhead Wed 05-Mar-14 16:10:34

You know what I'm going to say, don't you? Only time will tell...

Sorry to be so unhelpful but there really is no better answer. Yes you could be pregnant and get a slightly late BFP, or you could just be having 'phantom' pregnancy symptoms.

Good luck, I know it is annoying being in limbo!

booksshoescats Wed 05-Mar-14 16:19:17

Well, I don't wish to give you false hope, but with DD I POAS day 30: BFN and 34: BFP on an average 28-30 day cycle. Last month I POAS day 32: BFN and 35: BFP on an average 26-28 day cycle (I'm getting old and my cycle has shortened in the 5 yrs since DD smile. So it's not too late!

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