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Anyone conceived naturally with low sperm count

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kitty555 Wed 05-Mar-14 05:18:43

Hi all! This is it really - we had an appt at the fertility clinic yesterday afternoon (we've been trying for 12 months now). I am 36, husband is 34, I have t1 diabtetes and hypothyroidism and I have issues ovulating. In November when we saw the fertility doctor she put me on Metformin and said we will see if it does something and we got a new appt in 4 moths time (which was the one yesterday).
Now yesterday, she was very impressed with my weight loss since she last saw us and said I am almost where I need to be to start clomid. That was what she initially said we would do. After we discussed all my recent results (which were all fine) she looked into my husband's SA and stated he had a low sperm count (6 million). That was a bit of a shock to say the least as so far we didn't realised that we had possibly a male factor to deal with too shock. She said in cases like ours she would advise to go for IVF, but said to my husband to lose weight might improve it (he is heavily overweight) and pointed out that it is not impossible but highly unlikely that it will happen naturally. She said in 3 months time at our next appt that we will discuss whether or not we wanna go on the IVF list (which is 4 months where we live) and that we would get 3 tries on the NHS. She expects my weight to come down further so in June we could start clomid for a short time just to give my body a nudge, but clomid obviously wouldn't fix the male factor.

Now, question is did anybody here conceive naturally with such a low sperm count? I mean it takes only one sperm, doesn't it? I am maybe looking for something to cling onto as I don't even wanna think about IVF sad.

Any ideas much appreciated! Thanksthanks

ohfourfoxache Wed 05-Mar-14 07:00:36

It can happen. Ok, the chances are reduced, but it is possible.

I would really, really recommend him losing weight, healthy eating, reduce alcohol to a bare minimum and no smoking. If nothing else, as a couple, you will feel like you're doing something proactive.

It is very early days - you've had less than 24 hours so far to process this information. Give yourself time. There is no pressure to either have or not have IVF and certainly the 4 month time frame depends on whether or not you're ready emotionally to go through it. Tbh you may not be ready, many couples choose not to have treatment, but you must do what is right for YOU.

You've had a big shock. Be kind to yourself x

moggle Wed 05-Mar-14 09:54:23

My best friend conceived with her DH's low sperm count, I think it was 9 million. It took 2 years and they were due their IVF consultation when she got a BFP.
The thing with sperm counts is that it can respond really well to changes in lifestyle. Taking a good multivitamin, cutting down alcohol, stopping smoking if he does, and losing weight all can help. There have been some recent stories on this board of blokes who had amazing improvements. Even if it doesn't get it good enough to get a natural BFP, it will still help with getting an IVF or clomid BFP if the sperm is as good as possible. Sperm take 3 months to mature so it will take 3 months to see the full benefit of changes in lifestyle, and obviously weight loss which is gradual may take longer to have an impact.
As ohfour says, you don't have to make any decisions about future treatment now. Take the next few months as they come, try and get DH to make an effort as you have been doing (well done on the weight loss by the way!!) and then see where you are in three months time.
Good luck xx

Turquoisetamborine Wed 05-Mar-14 09:57:00

We conceived our first first month on clomid with low sperm count, think it was 15million.

The second is proving more problematic and I'm having IVF at the moment. IVF really isn't as bad as I expected. I feel very positive about it.

kitty555 Wed 05-Mar-14 19:40:36

Thanks very much for sharing your stories ladies, it's much appreciated to know that it might still happen. Forgot to mention this morning (possibly because it was so early!!!) that we both don't smoke, don't do drugs, don't drink and eat fairly healthy anyway. I think the biggest factor is his weight and he has made some enquiries already and goes to a pop in thing tomorrow night for lighter life (which he has done before I met him and lost 9st on it).
And yes, it was a shock and I am sort of clinging onto her saying it is not impossiblehmm. Well, we will see I guess. I'll do some research and then we'll see where we are in a few months.
Good luck with your IVF Turquoisetamborine - I hope it works for you and you get a beautiful baby at the endsmile xx

Fairylea Wed 05-Mar-14 19:46:10

My dh has very low count and I have severe hypothyroidism and a pituitary tumour. We were told we would not conceive naturally. After 12 months of daily sex and lots of tears and frustrations we found out we were expecting naturally the day our ivf appointment dropped through the door - absolutely true.

Ds is 19 months now and very much our little miracle.

I was taking prolactin reducing drugs as well as extra thyroxine to encourage ovulation so maybe this helped. Who knows.

SilverStars Thu 06-Mar-14 15:59:35

Hi, hope you get a natural bfp. My only comment was when we had IVF they weighed both me and my dh and for us to qualify for the one free NHS attempt in our area both of us had to have our BMI between 19.5 and 30. ( both were after a bit of loss for me). If your dh is over 30 may be worth finding out if your area has that criteria so you do not waste time on a list if too heavy and could have been losing weight. Areas do vary on rules

kitty555 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:38:08

How nice to hear that Fairylea smile.

Thanks Silverstars - I will have to enquire about it. Our fertility consultant is aware that my dh's BMI is well over 30 but as she hasn't mentioned anything like that I assume this BMI rule just applies to me. But I will see what's what to be sure..

JadziaSnax Sun 09-Mar-14 18:42:28

Yes, it happened naturally for is. Took 8 years for DS, then a further 6 years for DD though.

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