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Advise please!!! X

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Snook99 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:25:06

I'm due in my period in 3 days but extremely impatient!! I've been getting dizzy spells, tiredness, stomach cramps and back ache oh and don't forget about the achne for the last week! Anyway I done a boots own test and came back faint but obviously it's very early. This morning I done a sainsburys on digital one and it's a holder and 2 tests which you have to insert, the actual digital part said not pregnant but the test window had 2 lines! Has anyone else had any experience with them?

Thank you x

Treaclepie19 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:29:08

Test again? Its the only way you can really know!
Good luck smile

Snook99 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:43:55

I have another one that I will test again but the one I done yesterday had a faint line and I was pregnant in December only 6 weeks gone but it's all feeling familiar and hate this silly waiting sad xx

cookielove Mon 03-Mar-14 21:25:29

I have been there with the digi test, ignore the lines, all digital pregnancy tests have two lines whether it is a positive or not.

bellaboo88 Tue 04-Mar-14 12:22:47

Digitals aren't as sensitive & you're testing early, give it a few days but congrats, a lines a line :-) end of the day, beans take a while to implant so might not be registering a high amount yet. Excited for you, I've got acne & cramps too, I'm 9dpo x

Snook99 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:43:17

Oh really cookie that's annoying sad well hopefully only a few days of waiting sad x

cookielove Tue 04-Mar-14 22:38:52

I know very annoying, I got very excited when I saw the two lines to <grrrr>

Snook99 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:37:19

Got a positive today smile hopefully this time things will work out zx

cookielove Thu 06-Mar-14 12:22:21

Yay smile

bellaboo88 Fri 07-Mar-14 08:04:03

Congrats!!! I'm trying to hold off testing now, 12dpo today, acne last week, cramps daily & I got the dizziness yesterday

What's your dizziness like?

I stood up from crouching, walked 2 paces & everything went black but no amount of chocolate/sweet stuff could shake it off :-(


Snook99 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:20:21

I have only had a little bit of dizziness which was lightheaded once i stood quickly thankfully stomach cramps aren't too bad either since last week, so fingers crossed good luck!!! X

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