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early mc?

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victoria401 Mon 03-Mar-14 14:42:20

Hi, I'm 33 and been ttc #1 for 15 cycles now. Since having my implant out I have had mostly 28/29 day cycles with a few 27 and 30 (last month was a 30).

This month felt different somehow though. I get ov pain for several days (!), this month cd12-14, so never know which is the exact day but we dtd lots around fertile time. Around cd18+ I had more pains which I hoped were implant pain, which could have been 6dpo if ovd cd12. I had more cm than ever this month and was really hopeful that this was all signs I was finally preg!

Days 28/29 came and went with only the tiniest bit of brown discharge. Thought it must have been another 30 day but nothing that day either. Day 31 (sunday) I tested but BFN. More brown discharge later that day and wierd pulsing cramps in lower central abdomen. Today I had a lot of pain this morning but no bleeding. The pain seemed to circulate around the whole of me, back and front and pain killers didn't seem to touch it. Finally around lunch time I went to loo and lots of brown and red clots dropped out and I had more brown on panty liner.

Sorry about massive post, but could I have had a very early MC? In a wierd way I wouldn't mind as we are currently having fertility tests and this would be an answer? Guess I will never really know.

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