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Preseed - where can I buy it in the UK?

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Inshock73 Mon 03-Mar-14 08:32:44

Boots, Superdrug, all the usual chemist type places don't seem to stock it in my area and I'm wary of buying it on ebay just in case it isn't the real stuff...

Any help hugely appreciated!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Mon 03-Mar-14 08:41:53

Hi Inshock! I bought it off of amazon, it arrived promptly and was the right stuff. It's not cheap though, costs about £15 on its own, but I bought it with some opk and pregnancy tests, total was about £19. Can't say so far that it has helped though confused

Inshock73 Mon 03-Mar-14 08:43:34

Thanks Ginger! x

Pussycat1one Tue 04-Mar-14 00:53:51

Boots do have preseed but it's called Activ Balance. It's the same thing. I got some from there.

CherryPie3 Tue 04-Mar-14 16:30:18

I saw a gel/lube in tesco today, not preseed but it was a conception gel so I imagine very similar, it was £8. I'm considering getting some. Wish I could remember the name! It was something conceive...

CherryPie3 Tue 04-Mar-14 16:31:04

Pussycat1 - that's the one! Activ Balance conceive!!

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