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Has anyone used sainsburys own digital test???

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Snook99 Mon 03-Mar-14 07:48:58

I'm due in my period in 3 days but extremely impatient!! I've been getting dizzy spells, tiredness, stomach cramps and back ache oh and don't forget about the achne for the last week! Anyway I done a boots own test and came back faint but obviously it's very early. This morning I done a sainsburys on digital one and it's a holder and 2 tests which you have to insert, the actual digital part said not pregnant but the test window had 2 lines! Has anyone else had any experience with them?

Thank you x

cookielove Tue 04-Mar-14 09:07:24

Digital tests take longer to pick up pregnancy as they are less sensitive. I have used the one you are speaking of, and had the same result as you. I got very excited, then did a quick Google and it turns out all digital pregnancy tests have two lines whether you are pregnant or not.

Wait a few days and try with a frer! And fmu!

Good look

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