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What do you reckon?

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Mumof3xx Sun 02-Mar-14 08:10:57

I came of depo about 5 weeks ago

In this time all I have had is a few orange smudge marks when I wiped about a week ago?

I am slightly off my food, feeling abit sicky here and there and have had on-off sore boobs

Bfn on Friday

Does this all just sound like depo withdrawal?

I have no idea of cycle length or ovulation etc

cookielove Sun 02-Mar-14 10:56:17

How long were you on depo for?

I was on it for a year and half my period didn't return till 7 months later. And then it was only for that month, it took another couple months for it to return regularly.

I hope this is your bfp, but the depo can take its time leaving your system so just keep an open mind.

Good luck smile

Mumof3xx Sun 02-Mar-14 11:14:52

6 months

2 shots

I've just been to the toilet and a bit of blood again on wiping so probably not

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