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Is this a good sign (am I ready?)

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phonebox Fri 28-Feb-14 19:42:51

Up until my mid-twenties I never imagined having children and put my education/career above everything and everyone else.

Then I met DP and everything changed grin

I work full-time currently and love what I do and would like to go further in my career, and while it is very fulfilling I now find myself reading MN in the evenings and researching home births and pethidine and so on blush...and the most exciting thing in my week, and definitely the bit that cheers me up the most, is visiting my work's creche where I volunteer for a few hours and get to play with the toddlers. I LOVE them!

Are these good signs? Everyone I know says I'm getting so broody but I'm nervous about the impact it will have on my career. I know it's not the 1950s anymore and women can do both, but I also know that once I have children they will be my new No 1 priority in life. And I'd like some inspiration that it's definitely the most fulfilling thing someone can do smile did anyone out there feel the same?

littlemisswine Fri 28-Feb-14 19:57:25

you sound just like me a few years ago, I was nervous to have children before the commitment of marriage but its the best decision we ever made

I returned to work 4 days a week, ds goes to nursery for 2 of those days, my mums 1 and dhs the other

dp proposed when ds was 9 months old smile

bellaboo88 Fri 28-Feb-14 20:31:46

Me too I guess...was successful very forwards, give up my career& bought dream home. Due to job break (no job right now but financially fine as a) im frugal & b) mortgage is safe) I've had time to volunteer with kids & now seem to be mentoring in schools & get asked to tutor a level kids (never even took a-levels!?)

It feels the right time...I'm happy that I've done enough career stuff & feel that I can go 'be someone' again after kids in my late 30s...two bites of the cherry! Being someone right now is looking after my man & TTC & to be a good mum.

Lots of older wiser clients (with lots of moolah!) Always told me don't leave it too late to start a family...& on here you see why, it can take time. Hope you make the decision that makes u happy x

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