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Cervix direction!!

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Bella2011 Fri 28-Feb-14 08:16:13

I can't believe after TTC for 3 years I have only just started looking at my cervix through a speculum. I know my uterus it tilted in the opposite direction to most people's, and my cervix is pointing 'up' from the direction of my bottom towards my belly button. I gather most people's points the other way? So I have realized that laying on my back after will probably hinder conceiving as the pool of semen would be laying around my cervix with the opening of it sticking out and not being in contact with it? Am I correct?

Anyway, last night I actually rolled around a bit, laid on my front, stuck bottom up in air on my front, all sorts of different positions, just to try and 'swirl' it all around a bit!

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