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Poss pregnancy unsure!

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Jadexox Thu 27-Feb-14 19:08:42

Hi all :-)

I'm new too this & need some advise. I'm not 100% on wether I'm pregnant or not & I don't wanna buy a pregnancy test unless I really have too. Anyway ever since Sunday evening I have been AF but I don't think I should be as I am on Cerazette & have been for years! I sometimes come on a little bit with the pill but NOTHING like this!! I've had to use pads & they have been quite severe & the other day my cramps was HURRENDOUS!! My other symptoms are:-
Cramping (occasional)
More tired than usual
Sometimes feel sick. My boobs are fine

Please can someone give me advice on what they think, someone who's been there!



Jadexox Thu 27-Feb-14 20:03:33

Whoever has replied to me can you inbox me I can't see your answer x

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