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Coming off pill

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euq8820 Thu 27-Feb-14 16:29:23

Hi everyone, just looking for some advice please. Starting ttc number 2, came off the pill mid cycle on Saturday (no patience should have just waited til the end of the packet but too late now!) I got some spotting last few days and full blown af today, is this my actual period or will I get another one in 2 weeks as I would have with the pill? Anyone any experience? Don't have as much time to dtd this time round so just trying to get an idea of fertile times! Thanks

ScarletStar Thu 27-Feb-14 16:31:48

I would give yourself another full month to figure out what is your real period. I came off mine and was back to a normal cycle after about 6 weeks - that was with Microgynon combined pill.

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