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Body cycle/TTC after taking Cerazette for 2 years

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Nicolemchx Thu 27-Feb-14 14:45:27

Hi All smile
Very new to all of this. But I stopped taking my pill 5 weeks ago this sunday. I have not had any withdrawal bleed & I know that I cannot be pregnant.
What were your experiences? Did it take you a long time to get back into a cycle or was it near enough straight away?
OH is using protection to ensure I get into a normal cycle before TTC properly.
Any advice would be greatfully received to ease my worries. sad


Stom91 Fri 28-Feb-14 04:22:46

I was on cerezette for 4 years. I have PCOS but it took a few weeks to get out my system. I didn't have regular period but that's due to PCOS. But it was off it about a year (usued condoms) so by time we tv I was regular for me if that makes sense Started trying in jan got bfp in may (conceived march)
So I'd say if your sure your not pregnant then wait a few more weeks as it's got to get out your system then speak to your dr if you're worried x sorry in not much more help. Xx

Nicolemchx Fri 28-Feb-14 14:13:19

That wasnt too bad for you then 'Stom' thanks for sharing your experience. Glad everything worked out okay for you.
I think that will be my plan, I am looking to TTC after about May time as our wedding is soon. Just wanted to see what other peoples experiences were. Getting very impatient though, just want to have a bleed as I am very bloated.


rosiegal Sat 01-Mar-14 09:27:18

Good morning, this was my experience with Cerazette:
Stopped 21st Sept 2013, approx 1 month later has a withdrawal bleed, a further month later had a proper period. By now I'm thinking things are working out just fine. December comes and no sign of AF so I did a few tests throughout the month but all bfn. On January 9th I had a few days of very light brown spotting (tmi!) but I was panicking that I wasnt ovulating after the pill. Tested February 7th after a week of stuffy nose, sore throat and generally feeling rubish and got my BFP.
It was a shock as I thought my body was still adjusting but I was over the moon. Now I'm either 7wks2days if going by January AF or further along, I'm nervously awaiting my scan to know for sure.
Good luck for May smile

Nicolemchx Sat 01-Mar-14 22:18:51

That's lovely news !! :-) hope everything goes okay for you - & hope things are near enough the same for me. Just horrible having to wait for the body to readjust but all must be part of the journey.

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