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Question about morning after pill / conception

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QueenBean Thu 27-Feb-14 13:57:06

I posted this in Chat but think maybe this is actually better for it as you all probably know so much about conception....

I had sex last night and as my partner pulled out, the condom stayed inside me, it was basically all rolled up / pushed to the top. He had ejaculated to be clear!I am not on any other birth control and would get the morning after pill, except this morning I had to leave for a 2 day conference with client entertainment afterwards and zero chance of getting to a pharmacy until Saturday. I know that's within my 72 window although not ideal.The thing is, I am due my period in the next few days and there is already that familiar pre-period achy pain and some light spotting. Does this mean that I wouldn't need to take the morning after pill? I know everyone's cycles go at different speeds but mine is standard monthly - surely I am nowhere near the ovulation time? Would someone please let me know? Not sure if I should worry and in which case I will have to make up an excuse to leave - conference is in the country with very little around and I don't have a car so would need to get taxis in to the nearest town and back. Argh!Partner was lovely about it btw, and a v unusual situation for us to be in so please no judgements / lectures on safe sex - this question is purely about how the morning after pill works in timescales.

Inshock73 Thu 27-Feb-14 17:37:53

Hi QueenBean - Don't worry no judgements or lectures I've had this happen to me. I would say pregnancy would be highly unlikely if you're due on in the next few days, you should be well past ovulation but if you haven't come on by the time you return from your conference think about having an IUD fitted, they can be used as emergency contraception for up to 5 days after the deed! And can then be used as ongoing contraception... There should be a nurse or doctor at your GP that can fit one or a family planning clinic would be able to help. Hope this helps.

QueenBean Thu 27-Feb-14 18:12:59

Thank your for your reply Inshock, I managed to pop out and get it but that's great to know about the IUD for the future! [Thanks]

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