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Ttc baby #1 after HSG

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Laurak92 Thu 27-Feb-14 08:35:17

Me and my fiancé have been ttc our first baby for 2 years and still no luck, I've recently had a HSG 2 weeks ago and was told fertility can increase slightly for the next 3 months after, do any of you know if this is true or even experienced it yourself? I'm only 21 and fiancé is 22 so we should be pregnant soon I hope!

jessplussomeonenew Thu 27-Feb-14 08:40:46

I got my bfp 2 cycles after I had a hycosy (like hsg only with ultrasound) after 2 years unexplained IF. Only an anecdote but I am sure it didn't do any harm to have the tubes well flushed out! Good luck!

Laurak92 Thu 27-Feb-14 12:50:14

Aw that's great! Hope it works for me then

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