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2WW - Symptom spotting - cramping?

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Petal26 Wed 26-Feb-14 20:57:59

Just started trying to conceive #2 this month, not using any kits/temp charts or anything yet so not sure exactly when I ovulated (just monitored ewcm).
I 'think' I'm 5/6dpo and yesterday I had mild af like cramps. Today I had them again and they were quite severe for a good hour before easing off a bit. They have been there for the last couple of days but today got quite bad.
Has anybody experienced anything similar?
Trying not to symptom spot but can't help it!

Petal26 Wed 26-Feb-14 20:59:12

Meant to say I don't normally get anything like this, only normally on day 2 of AF.

junkfoodaddict Wed 26-Feb-14 21:46:35

Yes me. DH and I had sex twice in which he used the withdrawal method, though not TTC until next month!!
I was ovulating between 18th and 21st Feb and I have been suffering from cramps and heavy boobs since the 23rd. I'm not due my period until March 6th!!! I don't usually get AF type pains or heavy boobs until about 4/5 days pre-period so for me to have cramps and heavy boobs 12 days before AF arrives is highly unusual. I have been tired and hungry a lot too.
This will be my second DC. My first DC the symptoms were not that obvious. i was on holiday so felt 'relaxed' and was always eating anyways to not notice those symptoms and can't remember about cramps and boobs as I was always active doing something - kayaking, snorkelling, walking etc, etc.
I won't be cross if I was pregnant - just a month earlier than 'planned'!! There is a big part of me that thinks I'm not though!

Petal26 Wed 26-Feb-14 22:10:48

I'm due around the 6th too Junkfoodaddict, we might have to symptom spot together! I won't have the patience to wait until then to test!
Was hoping for November as dd is a January baby, think we'd have a couple of months off from trying if it hasn't worked this month.
Don't remember cramps like this last time, hoping it's a positive sign smile
Fx for you.

junkfoodaddict Thu 27-Feb-14 21:33:19

I'll post next week. i have POAS and I 'think' i got a very faint line. It is so hard to tell if it is a slight mistake in the paper bit under the window or if a faint line was beginning to appear.
I doubt it was - afterall it was a tesco test and they aren't that sensitive.

Petal26 Fri 28-Feb-14 17:04:23

I POAS this morning and not sure if I imagined a line, I'm not one for waiting, will try every morning now! Got cheapies off Ebay so not an expensive hobby!
Still getting cramps, milder than before and was in bed at 7:30 last night, hope these are good signs!

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