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'Omens' and Lucky Charms - Is This Normal?

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MrsGingerbread Wed 26-Feb-14 18:37:18


We are just starting ttc #1 and already I have moved from a logical, professional woman to someone bordering on the superstitious, (no problem with this, but it is just not my character at all.)

For example, today the seeds in my apple had started to sprout shoots - two months ago this would have been interesting. Now it feels like a good omen, but I feel ridiculous for thinking so.

Am I alone in this irrational behaviour? :S

RandomInternetStranger Wed 26-Feb-14 18:42:07

After ttc DD for 5 years I have great experience of being a complete raving nut job by the end of it believing in magic stones, candles, all sorts of weird foods & herbs & potions, Lily perfume to make me more attractive to XH's sperm, someone prodding my wrist curing all ills and god knows what else. I can't say it's rational but IME it is totally normal.

Funnily enough this time I hit the jackpot first try and it was Matcha tea, grapefruit juice, cough medicine, Preseed and a softcup that did it. wink

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