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Prenatal Vitamins - Best Way to Take Them to Maximise Effectiveness?

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Rainbunny Wed 26-Feb-14 18:10:31

I'm wondering if there is any recommendations on the best time/way to take prenatal vitamins? I've been taking them at breakfast (and occasionally on an empty stomach). I don't get the sick feeling that some people do but I'm worried that my habit of taking them with my morning coffee is negatively affecting my absorption (I have toast first). I've heard some advice that it's better to take them at night so your body can absorb them and use them to help in the repair process, but then I heard that it is better to take them in the morning so your body can use them all day. Now I'm confused! I'm also wondering if anyone else took them with coffee (bad I know, I only have 1 cup though, and half the time I drink tea in the morning). Does this even matter?

Rockchick1984 Wed 26-Feb-14 23:41:54

Caffeine can inhibit absorption of some vitamins, so you ideally wouldn't take them with tea or coffee unless drinking decaf (coincidentally the month I switched to decaf was the month I fell pregnant so may be worth trying anyway) but I don't think time of day makes a difference.

Rainbunny Wed 26-Feb-14 23:48:11

Thanks Rockchick! The thought of going decaf isn't fun, I don't mind admitting but I'll do whatever it takes. I think I'll try taking them after dinner in the evenings going forward.

Rockchick1984 Thu 27-Feb-14 00:02:06

I am a complete coffee addict, trust me it's not fun grin but having to limit caffeine in pregnancy anyway I decided to try it while TTC and it worked for me smile

I take my vitamins as I get into bed, it's the only way I remember them.

Rainbunny Thu 27-Feb-14 00:10:03

Well since I've decided to get serious about TTC I've cut out alcohol so I may as well cut out caffeine, my last vice!

DrewsWife Thu 27-Feb-14 00:12:57

I'm taking those too and take them at night. I am about to give up crisps and diet cola for lent and might switch to decaf but if I'm honest it's the only thing that keeps me going with my work at the moment. I work nights 5-6 a week. hmm Worried that the hours are not helping me either

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